Change in Blade, DE shave 14

Not happy so I changed blade companies,

Since the last shave I wasnt very happy with the results of the Derby blades.  So as I was wondering around Walmart, as I do on occasion, I went by the shaving section.  It is a cardinal sin if I dont go down that aisle and see what might be new on the isle that I can try out.  Hey Im a cheap date, what can I say.  Good thing for Ladybug.

To my surprise a new item had indeed blessed the presence of the shaving isle.  Blades to be in fact.  Was the first time I noticed them at my local Walmart.  These are made by Wilkons sword.  So I thought why not, they are only $1.75 for ten blades.  So I picked them up to give them a shot.

So this morning I was hopping for a change in shaving experience by changing up my blade.  Not so much.  They arent bad, I just think its technique as of late.  They are fine blades and cut just like the derby’s do.  So I will probably keep using them up and try another company later.  Im not just going to waste good blades because I am not using them right.

So that is the long and the short of it this morning.  No major changes since shave 13.  If you are in the market for cheep shaving stuff, get a DE, the cost savings are astounding.  Dont let my rough patch steer you away either, ive just gotten a bit lazy with it and need to sharpen up my skill again.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.



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