Lucky number 13, DE shave 13

Well if you cant tell this is DE shave 13,

Did I mention it is shave 13 with the DE.  Well if ya didnt know then, ya know now.  It was a shave like any other shave, but just a different day.  Actually im kind of irritated with the DE lately.  It seems I need to put some time into my shaving technique again.  It appears I have gotten sloppy in the morning routine, oh dear, say it isnt so.

I have taken to the DE quite nicely, but have been reminded that I still owe it some respect even though we have become so close.  I am still using the derby blade, so that hasnt changed.  But I got some lack luster results this morning that left me feeling a bit ragged around the edges.  I had some left over stubble on the old chin that just would not come off.  So back to basics I think, probably time to brush up on the old straight again for a bit to get my discipline back down.

So as if you couldnt tell, the shave wasnt the best.  I hopped out of the shower and dried off all but the old beard.  After that warmed up some water to put in the scuttle and lathered up.  I am going to have to play around with the lather since switching to the scuttle.  I seem to have either really dry or really wet results, no middle ground.  So that too will take some time again to relearn.  The gain is so worth the effort though.  Cant wait for it to all come back together.  Ebbs and flows, ebbs and flows.  Like the stock market, some times you win, but it sucks when ya loose.

As for the shave, well it was ok.  I think I am putting too much pressure on the head of the razor.  So I tried backing off a bit and it did a good job.  I am thinking of finding another DE to try out to see if there is much difference, or if they all are mostly the same cutting wise, aside from adjustable any way.  So I did with and against the grain just for good measure.  All went ok except for the stubborn chin area.  Good enough for work.

Time to put some time in at the old sink this weekend I think.  Going to brush up on my basics and have some cutting edge fun.  Ok I will spare you the bad jokes for another time.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.



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