Unplanned, Shave 21

Today was and unexpected straight shave,

I think I have become so dependent on my DE that I just take it for granted. Well it wasnt around today to use since I had it in an overnight back in my truck. I was not up to getting dressed just to go out of the house to get my DE. So instead I used my Dovo Black Micarta. Been a long time since I had put it to use, so it was time.

Time is something though I did not have. I like shaving with my straights, but time is something you need when using one. Needless to say I did not try to rush it, but inevitably it got rushed. Cant say it was a great shave either, I defiantly need to practice more with my straights. It was fine for cutting angle and the blade not nicking me or burning my face, but I didnt get very close on my neck either. So I got it as close as I could without having to keep going over and over one area.

I did do all three strokes, but not all over my face. My chin was a obstical, but that is no different from any of the other times. I did with and across the grain on my chin, and with and against on the rest of my face. I for some reason just couldnt get my next down today. But it was time for me to leave, and it was close enough for government work. So off I went with a mediocre shave.

I need to work on my lathering, for some reason either with the change in weather, maybe the water, or something else. Both the DE and the straight seem like they are skipping around more on my face, like there is dry spots or something. Havent had this problem up till a week ago. Maybe a change in soap for a bit. Have been using Wool fat exclusively.

Well there ya have it, another straight post. Bought time I would say. Will probably post another one soon as I am going to put in some practice this weekend.

Till next time, cant wait till the next shave.



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