Just another Day, DE shave 15

Well not much to report,

I made sure my razor was out of my travel bag so I can shave with it this morning.  So pre-planning sometimes is a must when it comes to shaving.  If you miss just one thing, well your whiskers aint coming off, or not as easy as an average day.  Not that I dont like using my straights any more, but I have become accustomed to the DE since it is a shorter shave in the morning.  Reserving the straights for more of special occasions.

So on to the shave.  I have noticed that with a little practice shaving can become much better.  But sometimes equipment comes into factor.  I am still on the search for that one thing that will give me the perfect shave.  I can achieve that with a straight, but my chin always gives me issues no matter what I use.  I found a different type of razor, but I will post separately about that.

The shave went as planned.  Well except for the water.  The water heater pilot light went out.  So it was a bit of a cold shave this time.  But that didnt stop me, had to get to work.  So things were a little cold but I still got a decent shave in.  Was quicker than the morning before at least.  I dont mind taking the time to shave with the straights, just need to allot the time for it.

So not much else to exciting, other than a cold shower as well.  So maybe next shave will be action packed and by the seat of your pants excitement.  Maybe.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.


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