Slant Bar Razor

Well I found yet another razor to get,

This is a DE razor, with a slight slant to it, literally.  From what I have read it is a difference in angle of the blade.  It is a steeper angle that makes it more aggressive.  In other words it should get a closer shave.  It does for of a slicing motion than a cutting one, if that makes any sense.  I ordered this one through The Superior Shave, .

The only company I can find that makes the slant is Merkur, it is called the 37c or the 39c.  The difference in numbers is the length of the handle.  The 39c is longer than the 37.  Other than that it is the same head.  So I like to have a little longer handle on my razors, so I went with the 39c.  Here is a pick of the 37c, it’s all I could find.

Nice looking aint it.  So I cant wait to give it a try.  I found out about this razor thru the forums, was looking thru the reviews and this one was rated fairly high.  So i am willing to give it a shot.  I have read that this is not a beginners razor, you should start with a normal DE before using a slant.  It is a big more aggressive and thus can slice up your face a lot easier than a regular angled razor.

I will let you know the results once I get it, cant wait.

The Shaver



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