Slanted view, DE shave 16

Well put the new razor to work today,

So before I get into how awesome the shave was, I need to go into more detail on the actual design of a slant razor.  When it showed up in the mail it looked different from I had thought it would be, and different from how I initially described it.  The bar is indeed slanted, but not at an even steeper angle.  If looking at the head of the razor, cutting edge facing you, you will notice that from left to right the bar actual falls slightly as it goes to the other side of the head.  It is slanted horizontally on vertically.  Here is a pic to hopefully help with my description,

What this does is exposes more of the blade gradually across your face as you are shaving.  It slices instead of just blunt cutting the whiskers.  What results, in my case at any rate, was a nice close shave with fewer strokes.  Now this comes with added danger and excitement since more of the blade is exposed to your skin and can slice you up even more than a regular DE safety razor.  Here is a good comparison pic.  The normal DE on the left, the slant on the right.

It almost looks like some one just grabbed the head of a DE and twisted it a bit.  The results were very nice.  Like the first time I shaved with a DE, just metal dragging on my face and the whiskers just falling off.

So as the shave went, I would say excellent this morning.  Again the shaving god’s smiled upon me and blessed me with a nice all around shaving experience.  The lather was spot on, not sure what I did different, and the new razor was nice.  I did notice that it cuts a lot closer per say than the standard DE.  Had a couple raised bumps on my face from pimples, lets just say they dont exist any more.  So more blade defiantly means closer shave.  Had a little bleeding at the bottom of my neck area.  Had some slight burn, but it went away quickly with the styptic pencil and then the Nivea balm.  Love that stuff.

So I will keep you posted now that I have another razor in the arsenal.  It is nice, now I have one for home and one for work.  No need to worry about being with out one.  I know you all were so very worried about it.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.



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