A Convert

Well I have some cool news today,

I have helped in the conversion of a shaving mind.  The wet shaving habit has spread to yet another person.  It is a cool feeling to know that yet another face will be saved from the relentless torture of a modern-day razor.  No more multibladed catastrophes for my friend in shaving bliss.

It was cool, I have been talking up my new-found shaving love at work a lot.  So much so I know their are some who consider me on the edge of shave crazy.  But what can I say, when something works so well and is so much cheaper, you want to tell every one about it.  So that is what I do, I plant the seed in the minds of others hoping they will one day come to the light and save there face from the unknowingly horrible experiences they are having every morning.

One of my buddies, one of my closest, asked if they still made the old style single bladed razor.  Every one else in the room thought he was talking about the old plastic single blade Bic jobs, the ones that can ruin a good day any day.  As they were talking I quickly ran off to my over night bad and grabbed the ol’ DE.  When I handed it to him he said that that is what he was talking about.  We talked for a couple minuets about it, I showed him a few sites, and he was impressed that they were still in use today.

The next day, we both had to stay over night at work together, he asked if he could try out the DE.  We have been friends for a long time now, so I was ok with him using the DE.  I cleaned it up so it didn’t have to shave with a dirty razor.  Showed him how to lather, brush on the lather, and then how to hold the DE and shave with it.  After that he took off with it and did his face.  He said it was awesome, no pulling, to tugging, no burning.  Then I showed him balm, ah the nice feeling of balm.  After all that, he said he was sold and was going to get one.

Another one converted over to the classic art of wet shaving.  Cant wait to see who else might make the switch.  But for now at least im not alone in this adventure, now I have some one else to help spread the word.  Trust me, it is so worth the switch.


The Shaver



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