Extreme Comfort

Well in looking back I realized I never did a review of Nivea Extreme Comfort,

With out further adieu, here it is.  This probably isnt going to be the longest review ever, but short and to the point is how I like to play it.  First if you are looking for this stuff, it can be hard to find.  Try the local drug store types, then go to the big name stores like CVS and Walgreen, then if all else fails try out the stores like Wal-Mart.  Here is what it looks like,

As far as this stuff goes, all I can say is, IT ROCKS.  I love love love this stuff.  Even on a good shaving day I use this stuff to sooth my skin.  I think there web site explains it better than I can,

“Extreme Comfort balm completes your shave with an ultra smooth, comfortable skin feeling. The effective soothing formula with natural MICRO TEC protects against soreness.”

Like I said, some times marketing is spot on.  The guys over at Nivea got it right with this product.  From my best shaves to the worst shaves, this stuff has my face covered, literally.

Lets start off with an example.  So there you are, shaving away and ouch, you scraped you face and got a burn.  What to do, what to do.  Well if you have this stuff on hand you have nothing to worry about, after the initial sting, which I am convinced all balms have, you will notice a cooling soothing feeling.  Its like the micro tec stuff they put in the balm starts attacking burning and irritation instantly.  Little Tec soldiers running around putting fires out on your face.  The rest of the day the balm keeps your face from drying out, even on dry winter days.  It also smells great too.

On a good day it does all the same, well minus putting out the burn.  I have gone back and used the other nivea products since using Extreme Comfort and dont like them as much, maybe in the summer when I dont need something as heavy.  But boy does it just make my face feel so much better, smoother, and I havent even had dry cracked lips either this winter.  I think with my face having more moisture in it, my lips dont get as neglected.  I could be wrong though.

So there you have it, a product that actually works, and doesnt break the bank.  Coming in at about four to five dollars a bottle, I think this stuff could rival some of the more expensive mens products.  What do you have to loose, other than getting rid of that burning dried out face.  Give it a try, trust me you wont regret it.

Have fun.

The Shaver



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