Slantastic, DE shave 17

Well the more I shave with it the more I love it,

I tell you what, I always think when I have shaved with one, I have shaved with them all.  Not so sir, not so.  This slant bar just keeps on going, and going and going.  Its like the energizer bunny of DE razors.  It isnt soft and cuddly like the bunny, but it defiantly can slice up a storm.

Today was an average work day.  Just getting up and nothing notable to do today.  As I sauntered into the bathroom, took to the shower and turned on the water, I was shocked into my day by cold water.  The pilot light had gone out again, fun times.  After relighting the water heater I was running out of time, so a cold water shave it was to be.  Not my favorite type, especially with whiskers that havent been thru the rinse cycle.

There I was soaking my two day growth in ice cold water, probably didnt soak in at all.  Then came the lather, didnt matter to much with that as I have shaved with cold lather before.  Just wasnt up to the cold shave that was coming my way.  The slant was idley sitting by waiting for my steady hand.  I grasped the handle and started in.

With the day already off to such a great start I just couldnt wait to see how this was going to go.  Well it didnt go as bad as I thought, but some blood was involved.  Lets just say that my shaving aura was off a bit this morning.  I didnt quite practice all I preach this morning, little to fast, and some slight pressure.  The bottom of my neck will recover soon, as will my chin area.  That sucker will cut you up in a hurry if you dont watch it and respect it.  Didnt do any thing back, just a few friendly nicking reminders.

The styptic pencil got lots of use today, as did the Nivea balm.  Hopefully the pilot light stays on tonight, dont need a repeat performance.  Once again, light hand, let the razor do the work, good warm lather, get your whiskers soaked first thing, and all the other stuff I have said in the past.  This razor is quickly whipping me back into shape.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.



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