Slantish, DE shaves 18, 19 and 20

Well another shave grouping,

As previously mentioned, well I think I did any way, some shaves are going to be grouped.  If I didnt say that before, well I am now.  Some days I just so busy and the shaves arent all that outstanding that I cant keep up regularly.  So the grouping of shaves is born.  With out further adieu, shave 18, 19 and 20.

Another good aspect of grouping these three particular shaves is that, although I like my slant DE, it has been kicking my butt.  I thought even though I was getting some mild burning, this would pass.  Well it got a bit worse, a lot worse.  So I think I am going to start rotating my razors.  Get a straight in there, a DE, and a slant.  Move them around to keep my face guessing, also just to use my other razors.  Need the practice with them, and I enjoy using all of them.  But for now I think I am going to hold off on the bleeding out all off my ailments every morning.

What has happened in both sad and disappointing.  Sad because I am still in search of that perfect shave and havent found it yet, disappointed because I thought the slant was going to be a smash hit.  Now I realized that practice makes perfect, and maybe need a little less diversification in my shaving portfolio and come back and use what I already had.  Back to my straights I will go more often, if nothing else for the practice.  My origional intent for the DE was to suppliment what I couldnt get with a straight till I got better.  Well I got a little side tracked and dove deeper into DE razors.  Not bad, but not my origional intention.  I am glad I did get a DE so for travel and when I need a quick shave I have it, but I still want to use my straights.

Aside from all that here is the details of me and the last three shaves.  They all start out the same, shower, dry off, lather.  By the way, my lathering has been getting progressively better.  I switched back to my original badger brush, has shorter plug and a big stiffer.  As for the shaves, well this razor is aggressive, they are good but also come with there bad points.  I have bled more and burned more in the last three shaves that I ever have with a DE.  It is due to the blade being more expossed, but also I am not a pro at a DE yet either.  Even for some one who has shaved well with a regular DE doesnt mean that this beginner was ready to advance so quickly.  I think I should have looked into just a different DE for my as home razor.  But alas I did what I did, and I dont regret it.  I do however want to give the slant a break.

I do think it might have something to do with the blades i’m using, but also my technique.  To improve I am going to get a sample pack of different blades, and also work on my angles with the DE.  My pressure is fine, but I really need to work on different angles in different areas of my face.  Also mapping out my face more would help in all facets of my shaving no matter what I use.

There ya having, the slant is good, but not what I should use at this shaving adventure conjecture.  On to the next shaving razor search.  I think I will get some of those old straights I got, get them sharpened and put to good use.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.



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