Back to the EJ, DE shave 21 & 22

Ok so I went back to my other DE,

The scrapping and burning was getting to be a bit much for me to handle with it not producing any better results with the slant DE.  So I am putting it away for a while and am using my first DE razor the Edwin Jagger.  Sometimes it takes a change to realize how nice something actually was.  It’s that whole the grass is greener on the other side thing.

For both these shaves I used the EJ.  I think one thing that was reinforced while using the slant was to always keep in mind the angle of attack.  I noticed that I paid much more attention to my angles and got a nice smooth non-irritating shave with the EJ.  Even got a really close shave.  My original intention for the slant was a closer shave, I just needed to use my existing razor better rather than replace it.  Lesson learned I think.

One thing I started to really try to pay close attention too with these two shaves was the grain of my whiskers.  Shave 21 was good, but boy was shave 22 great.  I ran my fingers over my face before shaving to get down where and how to shave.  My neck has 4 different directions of growth.  From my throat it grows out both left and right, and on the out side of my neck it grows inward towards my throat.  Hard to explain, but if you map out your face you will see how things change.  As well as left and right in the middle parts of my neck it grown up and down as well.  Needless to say I hit all areas up and hardly felt any drag once it was all shaved.  So nice.

For now I will be sticking it out with the EJ.  Maybe some day in the future I will bring the slant out when I feel more confident.  But I also need to get more straight time in as well.  For a sneak peek at coming events, I ordered a vintage Gillette adjustable razor.  We will see how that goes, better than the slant I hope.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.


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