Re-slant, DE shave 23

Well I left my EJ in the pickup again,

The slant was luckily there on stand by just waiting to try again.  I gave in, mainly because I wasnt dressed to go out to the truck.  Off I went then to start the morning routine.  Shower, dry, lather, all that good stuff.  I must say I had some high hopes this time for the slant, I had been getting some good practice with the EJ.

Lets just say that my hopes didnt turn out so high.  This darn razor is in some ways harder to figure out than my straights.  I just cant figure out the right angles and direction to use it.  Im sure one day I will get it figured out.  Until then I have my EJ and my two Dovo’s.  The later of which needs more attention.

I put to use the different grains I had been finding lately with the EJ and applying them to the slant.  Well I did get a smooth shave, but with some side effects.  I had some burning and bleeding.  Nothing to call 911 about, but still some good bleeding.  I think my face was still trying to recover from the slant shaves and just wasnt there yet to try it again.  I must say though my chin didnt turn out half bad.

So I cant wait till the Gillette shows up and I can give it a try.  I think this weekend I will put in some good straight shave just for fun.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.



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