Something New and Something Old, DE shave 24 & 25

This is a sudo comparison of new v.s. old razors,

Although these particular razors are in separate classes of their own, I will try my best to keep things similar.  For a brief back story on my old razor purchase, well I got one.  I have been cruising eBay lately in search of an older razor.  My first search started for an early Gillette style razor, the 3 piece style.  Found a couple, but they are so outrageously priced on eBay I gave up and will just still with antique stores.  Just need to go when there open.  At any rate I did pick up a Gillette razor eventual, a mid 60’s butterfly style.  The only reason I wanted this one is because it’s the adjustable kind.  Im not a fan of the butterfly DE Gilletes, just dont like the way the head looks.  But since it wasnt being bid up into insane land I put my bid in the hat.  I eventually did win, and for about $25 shipped.  I figure for a vintage Gillette adjustable I didn’t do to bad.  For any other that would be too much, aside from getting a great deal on a new style razor.

It took me a couple of days to put it into service since it was not clean when I got it.  It wasnt like it was lying around in some dirt and tarnished over the years, but it still had soap scum on it.  Not wanting to pick up some wierd disease I scrubbed it and then gave it a vinegar bath to kill of the germs, ladybug gave me the vinegar idea.  Needless to say it turned out great, even a little shinier than I thought it would.  Had some sort of green gunk on it and the scrubbing took care of that too.  Here is a picture of it next to my EJ,

You can see the basic design hasn’t changed much over the years, it’s still a DE.  But there are some differences between them.  The EJ is a heavier razor and I appreciate that when it comes to shaving.  I feel I had to use a bit of pressure with the Gillette so that it would slice the whiskers correctly.  But again this is an adjustable so I just dialed it in and out till I found the right setting and then I was happy.  Still had to use some pressure, but was happy non-the less.  The biggest difference in the shave is the passes I think, I had to do more passes with the Gillette than I did the EJ, but again I still was figuring out the setting I needed.

For the rest of the razor I really liked.  I am not a fan of the looks of the butterfly type Gillettes, or others for that matter, but I can see its function over the form.  You just twist the bottom part of the handle and the top of the head splits open and you take out the old blade and plop in a new one, the closest thing to a cartridge razor you can get with out using one.  Here is a pic of it open,

That part is very nice, as for the adjusting part, still not 100% sold on that.  I can see the usefulness, but in all reality I think most fixed head razors like my EJ are at the right gap any way.  How does the adjusting work?  Just under the head is a dial with numbers, 1-9.  One being the smallest setting, 9 being the largest.  What it is adjusting is the gap between the blade and the bar, opening or closing the gap.

I eventually settled on setting of 4 and called it good.  It did give a good shave, and actually it was pretty comfortable.  No burn or pulling with it, might take into account the fact that you can customize you shave a bit with this razor too.  Since Im not completely head over heals for this razor, I will use it for travel.  Ultimately that was my goal any way, one for home and one for travel.  Plus the Gillette is cheaper so if something happens to it I wont be as mad as if I lost my EJ.  So there you have it, the comparisons of the two razors.  As for the shaving well I guess I can get into that as well.

The 24th shave was nice since I was using my EJ again, not the slant.  My face was recovering from the prior slant shave so I did have some small irritation to deal with.  All in all it was a nice shave, kind of rushed since I was late for work, but good non the less.  Mapping out my face has helped out tremendously with getting a closer shave.  I highly recommend running your hand over your face after your first pass with the razor to see where you need to touch up on your second if not third round.  Also seems to make things more comfortable when you know the grains, not just passing over and over an area without doing any good.

For the 25th, the initial Gillette shave, it went ok.  It was a learning experience so I am sure the next one will be much better, but I wont find out till my next over night at work.  It seems like the head is shaped a bit differently so I used some steeper angles when shaving and it did just fine.  Also finding the sweet spot for the gap helped out as well.  I liked the shave it gave me and felt a bit nostalgic using it being it is the oldest razor I have ever used.  That made it a bit fun.  The results were smooth and not irritation as well.  If I run across one for cheap in a shop some where I would pick one up again.  Just for kicks if nothing else.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.



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