Change in weather, DE shave 26

I dearly dislike weather changes,

Not the ones day-to-day, but the seasonal ones.  With it comes nice spring weather that I love, but a face that I loathe.  Every change of season my face decides to go on strike, this time is no different.  With spring just around the corner, my face is already starting to bud, literally.  Between the itching and the just plain annoying pimples, I feel like a teenager again two to three times a year.  Not in a good way either.

As I am battling my face from one, a rough straghts shave and the weather, I am not looking forward to the next week or so.  Once every thing gets adjusted my skin calms down and goes back to normal, but right now its on red alert and every one else can tell.  Its not razor burn, just my face, thanks for noticing.  Aside from all of this the shaving is going great.  Im back to normal with my EJ and just put in an order for a variety of blades.  Want to see if any of the other companies are good or bad.  I like the ones I have now, and it is convenient that I can just go down to the local store and get them, but Im always game for something new.  I ordered some other goodies but will post later about them.

As for the shave today, well it was ok.  Been working hard on paying attention to the angles and it is paying off.  I was dragging like crazy this morning and still dont think Im fully away and aware.  Scary since I drove to work and flew today, btw I fly as crew and work on planes for a living.  At least I wasn’t the pilot, although they dont do much any way, jut follow the computer and no one will get hurt.  Aside from ragging on pilots, it was a good day.  Right, back to the shaving since that is what this is all about.

Did the normal ritual, and got some really nice lather going this morning.  I have been practicing my lathirability and I think I have been finding a nice mix.  It is all in how much water is in the mix, to little and its to dry, too much and you are just having a bubble bath on your face.  Today was lathertastic, which made the shave go nicely.  All in all it didnt look the greatest since I really wasnt awake at the time of the incident, but it was good for work.

One bad thing I did today was to manage to create a gusher on my neck.  I guess I pinched my skin in the razor, that is what it felt like any way, and away went the blood.  Took forever to clot and then forever to clean up.  Wasnt sure if I was going to have to stop by the Doc today to get some gauze for this sucker.  eventually it did stop, once I got to work thankfully.  But I do have another battle wound for a while.  It was so strange, oh well.  Not much else to report, happy shaving.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.



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