Just a shave, DE shave 27 & 28

Just another couple of shaves,

I will start with this, not every shave is just a shave when wet shaving.  They all vary from “WOW” to “OW”.  These two in particular are neither, just a nice morning shave.  Aside from my face still trying to decide how it wants to do due to the weather, they were ok shave mornings.  To say the least it is nice having a morning routine that I can look forward to even on my grumpiest of mornings.  Gives me a pickup to start off my day.

For shave 27, well noting to report.  Mainly because it was two days ago and all I can remember now is that it was ok.  Sorry to disappoint on this one my dearly devoted readers.  Like all the rest, I showered lathered and shaved.  I did notice the blade starting to dull and decided that was the last time I could shave on that blade.  It did give a little pull here and there and left the under side of my neck a bit red, but it went away.  Balm fixes all rashes, even the nasty ones.

Now on to shave 28.  I didnt put any effort or want to into this shave.  I had to take ladybug into the hospital the night before and didnt get back home to bed till 1 a.m.  Needless to say I was bushed, tired, not wanting to shave.  Alas I must shave for work come 5 hours later.  Did the quick shower since slept in past the 5 hour mark, then lathered up.  I was in a hurry and very tired, plus the mirror would keep fogging up over and over no matter what I did.  So I just said what the heck, and did two passes WTG and ATG.  Called it good and went to work.  Good thing I got off early because I looked like crud.  The 5 O’clock shadow showed up around lunch time.  Thank goodness my boss was understanding and left me off the hook for the rest of the day.

So there you have it, another couple of shaving adventure, as minor as they are.  I hope to have some new products in the mail that I can show you soon.  Stand by to stand by.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.


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