Smooth Sailing, DE shave 30

Another milestone in the shaving world,

Today the Shaver has hit the big 30.  30 DE shaves to date, well I would call it 30.1.  I used the brow DE as well, counts for .1 of a shave.  Things are looking up for my shaving skills as of late, im knocking on my wood desk as I type.  I am really happy with these past couple shaves.  As you can tell, shave 29 was quite a joyous occasion in my shaving world.  Shave number 30 is continuing that trend of shavetasticness.

Today held two shaves but not in the same way as most.  I did use two razors, but only in certain areas.  You can probably guess which ones and where by what I recently purchased.  Thats right, the brow razor and my EJ.  So much shaving going round that I might have taken off more than I wanted if not careful, thankfully all is in tact.  As for the brow razor, I like it, does the job.  All trimmed and proper now.  I didnt even used soap, just a dab of water and off went the hairs between the eyes.  If you have an extra hairy brow, such as myself, I recommend you add this razor to your collection.

Now for the big shave, my face.  It was just like the last shave, apparently I found my sweet spot with the razor.  The angles and pressure and soap and everything just seemed in tune once again.  The lather is great lately too, lots of soap and just a little water makes for a perfect mix, and I mean a little water, just a few drops.  But I like it on the thicker side as well.

There was zero irritation and only a couple small bleeders, always seems to be there on my neck no matter what.  Nothing that the new Shave Rock couldn’t handle.  That was anther highly recommended buy, if not just an alum block as well.  It was so much nicer having a bigger alum block to just rub on my face instead of a small pencil like object just meant for touch ups.  It helped a lot with any redness and any bleeding.  Love this thing.

So things are looking sharper and smoother for my future, I hope this is a trend that will last a life time.  I know there will be ups and downs, but for now im loving this up.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.



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