Feathered Comfort, DE shaves 44 & 45

I have found the Feathered land,

I think I will be getting rid of all the other blades I have and sticking with feathers from now on.  They are just that nice that I cant see going back to any other at this point.  With how thick my whiskers are the other blades dull to quickly, if they aren’t sharp enough in the first place.  The feathers are just a cut above.

I mixed things up a bit with these shaves, 44 was with the slim that I have been using lately, but with 45 I loaded my EJ with a feather to see how it would do.  Both were great shaves.  Clean, smooth and now pulling or tugging.  Bleeding is nearly non existent as well.

Shave 44 was slim to non as usual.  The blade set at 4 just glided across my lathered face.  Makes things feel so much better when the blade just slices instead of pulling its way across your face.  I think this blade is about done as it is starting to dull, but I have put a few shaves on it now so its time is probably near.  Used the extreme comfort again just to add some moisture to my face.  I have been sick lately and my face has been very dry because of it.

For a change in scenery I went back tot he EJ for a fixated shave.  I put a feather in just to see how much different they really were compared to the other blades I have used with the EJ.  I will say there is no comparison.  The EJ did its magic as it always does, but did it in a way that it has never performed before.  Just like with the slim, the feather brings out the best in the EJ.  I will say that this blade makes any razor better.  Again with the extreme comfort, still sick and still dried out.

So hopefully soon this shave will be feeling better and will be keeping up with the shaves.  I hope this season finds all of you doing well, at least better than I am feeling.  Happy shaving every one.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.



Customized Shaving, DE Shave 43

I think I like wet shaving the most due to the customization it provides,

Im not talking that I have a razor that is custom-made for me, but also in a way I am.  The thing about wet shaving is you arent locked into the mainstream limited choices.  With modern razors its multiblade or bust, and all the so-called shave creams are synthetic blends of chemicals.  With wet shaving you get a different feel and pampering as well.  From the numerous choices in razors, blades, soaps, brushes, mugs………. I could go on and on.  They all lead to the custom personal shave that generations before us had.  You can find what works best and not have to live with a sub par shave every day.

Today was a fatboy shave.  I still had the Personna Blade and it worked good.  Before I met the feather I found this blade to be quite nice, and it still is.  The difference is I have found my custom shave with the Feather blades over the others I have tried.  I am not discounting the persona blades in the slightest, they are a very good and sharp blade.  The shave was still good and was very nice, just dont think this is the end all be all blade for me.

Again I have been going back to the Nivea Extreme comfort balm.  My face has been quite dry lately and a little irritated and this stuff calms it right down.  All part of the customizing of my shaving experience.  I have 5 balms and 2 splash on after shaves that I can rotate thru to find the best for me.  There is also a different after shave for different occasions.  One for every day work, one for going out on a date, and one for those really dry days.  All in all I am just having fun finding my shaving niche.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.


Feather Part Deux, DE shave 42.

The feather was another hit today,

I must say I was expecting much worse but receiving the best shaves thus far with any of my blades.  I am a feather fanatic in a feathery frenzy over the Feather Blades.  These suckers are awesome.  The slice, they dice and they might even do the laundry.  Well maybe not the last part, their good but not that good.  I had less irritation and not bleeding this time around and can only attribute it to what I have changed, the blade.

The shave was great, as if you didnt notice already.  Lather rinse, repeat is the name of the game.  So I played it like non other this morning.  From the shower to the final after shave balm things were fantismal.  I used the slim today with the feather locked and loaded.  It just glided over my three-day growth with no problem.  Who knew a feather could cut so clean?  My face after a three-day hiatus looks a lot better.  I cant wait for the day I dont have to constantly shave every day, I think that is one of my bigger issues.  I used the Cool Kick balm again, really beginning to love this stuff.  It is light and keeps my face moist throughout the day.

Not much else to chime in on.  Hope you all arent too board to tears with my daily ritual.  I try to keep it as real yet witty as possible, there is only so much a shaver can talk about.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.


Feather shaving, DE shave 41.

Well I passed through the feathers today,

I came out unscathed and intact I might add.  After drumming up enough courage and calming down my shaky hand, I put in the blade to my slim to prep for uncharted waters.  These waters arent the kind you just go into haphazardly, you need to make sure you have a blood supply near by if they lap over the side of the boat.  fortunately I didnt need a doctor this shave around.

I must say that all the hype must have come from somewhere, but not from this side of the shaving world.  It didnt seem to death-defying, at least not any more than any other blade.  I would rank it up there as a very very good blade, but not sure if it is the skin remover that I have read so much about.  I better find some wood to knock on before I jinks myself.  So I would defiantly recommend this blade to the mid to advanced user.  It is probably on the top of my blade list at this point from what I have used thus far.

As for the shave, well not much different from the other good blade shaves.  Rinse, lather, repeat.  The actual shaving part went very nicely, smooth and seemed to slice thru any whisker that got in its way.  No tugging, pulling or what not.  I was impressed and disappointed at the same time.  I thought this was going to be a blood bath to remember, maybe some other time.  This shave didnt make any headline news this week.  The after shave balm has been working out well since I switched to the Cool Kick.  Seems to be a lot lighter and my face thank me for buying it.  Now just need to get it the rest of the way healed up so the little bug quits pointing at my face and saying, “hurt, hurt”.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave


Astra shave, DE shave 40

Hit another big number today,

Along with the big 40 I also used a different blade, the Astra.  Used it in the slim, only have a few new razors so I had to go back to the beginning of the rotation.  I will say it is kind of nice to have a selection of razors to choose from.  Each of them shave a bit differently and it is fun trying to figure out those differences.  Along with that I have been using different blades in each, so that puts an added flavor in the mix

Along with the normal shower I, as you have been reading, have been using the Nivea Revitalizing face scrub.  I have grown to like it for a couple reasons; first that it cleans my face and seems to be helping a lot in the realm of my face breaking out, and second it seems to add a bit of slip to my face when I go to shave.  Must be the conditioning part of the scrub that the label advertises.  After that I lathered up and got to shaving.  The new blade was OK, not as good as the Crystal or the Personna blades in my mind.  It seemed on par with the Wilkinson blades, good blade but not top notch.  The biggest difference I noticed was the dragging of the blade.  It didn’t seem to slice thru the whiskers like the others.  The shave was good, just a little work on getting it closer and a small rash after.  Other than that it was another good shave.

I also used the Nivea Cool Kick this morning to see if that would help out with the greasy face feeling, it is a bit lighter of a balm.  Seemed to do the trick.  With the warmer weather approaching I think I will be using it more.  In summer I might just be using a straight after shave like Old Spice, something just to splash on.  I think I have one blade type left, the Feather.  I will try to be adventurous for the next shave and see how well it works out.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.


Slim Super, DE shaves 38 & 39

Got another razor in use,

Well not for the first shave, but the second one I did.  Had another night at work so I used my first slim that I have packed away in my work spit kit.  Then I used my Super I received in the mail a couple of days ago for the next days shave.  I must say, I really cant tell the differences in the slim and super, they look different, but not sure past that.  Also blades make a tremendous difference, brands that is.  Can completely tell when Im using a better blade vs the ones that are just run of the mill.

As for the work shave, 38, it was just ok.  actually it wasnt all that great.  Still the hot water isnt working in my room, so that is working against me, and I was using what I thought was a good blade but have since learned differently.  For a while now I have used the Wilkinson Sword blades, till I got the new variety blades.  I noticed a huge difference in going back to them from shaving with the others this past week.  Not as good as the Crystals or the Personna’s that I have used.  The Wilkinson blades pulled and didnt slice as nice as the others.  Even with doing my normal regimental stroke routine, WTG, XTG, then ATG, things were still scratchy on my face.  So I think I will do without those blades for now.  Other than that not much to report.  I do think that I need to figure out what Balm is best for spring time, the Nivea Revitalizing with Q10 is a good winter one, but a bit heavy now that things are warming up.  My face felt a bit greasy all day after using it.  On a cold dry day it is great, but with the temps rising I think I will have to put a lighter balm in my spit kit for work.

Now for the better Super shave.  This razor is not much in different design than the slim.  The only real big differences I noticed is the adjustment know is a bit different, as in different levels for the number settings, and the handle is longer and black.  I do think it gave an excellent shave.  I am torn as to what Gillette gives the better shave, I like them all.  Today I used the Crystal blade again, forgot to change it up a bit.  Still I liked this blade in this razor.  Smooth shaving all around and no burning.  I think the added length is good as it seemed to help hold a better angle for longer times.  I had this one adjusted to a 4 and it did a very nice job, no pulling or tugging.  Hear is a pick of the razor,

So soon I will be trying out another blade, dare I say a feather blade?  Stick around and see if a blood bath ensues.  I have been enjoying the new face wash, seems to clear up my skin.  Went without balm today to see how my face would do and it did great.  It was a bit dry, but at least not oily.  I think I might try that new Arctic Freeze balm a bit more often for the spring summer months.  Seems a bit lighter than the rest.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.


More Nivea Stuff

Well I have found more,

Nivea that is, a couple new things arrived on the shelf of the local drug store.  I was supposed to be getting just a styptic pencil and some candy for ladybug.  What can I say, I just cant help myself.  This shaving stuff has gotten into my blood, directly and indirectly.

As for what it is I found, and subsequently purchased, was another balm and a face wash.  The thing that got me on the face was, one my face has been breaking out, and two, it had pre-shave printed on the label.  Marketing will get you every time.  Now understandably this product has been out for a while, but the nice little pre-shave label got my attention.  Here is a pick,

I must say that it did seem to help with cleaning up my face.  I hope if nothing else it will help during those transition times when my face, no matter what I do, goes on strike.  It has little beads in it that seemed to get deep into my face to scrub out all the gook and crud, definitely felt good at any rate.  Hears hoping that it will help out.

As for the after shave, im not sure how long it has been out, but I havent ever seen it before on the self or the web site.  On their site they have something called the same, Cool Kick, but not the same as what I bought that also said it was, Cool Kick Arctic blast.  Might be the same but who knows.  It defiantly has a cooling effect, which is nice.  Dont know how it would react to a bad razor burn tought.  I liked it, seemed thinner than the other balms Nivea makes.  Smells good to, here is a pick.

There you have it, yet some more products to use and put up on the shelf.  I swear I will need my own bathroom if this keeps going at this rate.  The ladybug might have to cut me off for a while so I can save some money instead of spending it all on razors and shaving equipment.

Have a cool kick of a day,

The Shaver