A tale of two razors, DE shave 31 & 32

Well maybe not quite a tale,

Makes for a nice short posting at any rate.  So as you might guess I used two different DE razors for these shaves.  This was due to the simple fact that I was at home for one and at work for another.  Nothing overly dramatic, just shavematic.  Like my rhyming skills, I think they have improved myself.

On to the shaves, numero 31.  This shave was a mid day shave, not that that changes much.  Just means that I had a little more growth than in the morning.  This didnt slow the old EJ down, I sliced with ease as it cut thru those extra grown whiskers.  It was yet again another fantastic shave.  I attribute these shaves to a lot of advice from the forums, and a lot of practice every day.  The forums are a great tool for getting tips and information from lather to angles of cutting to what the best after shaves are.  If you have just started out or thinking about it, defiantly head over to one of the forums listed on the right hand column of this page, its worth the trip.  As for practice, just putting to use the skills I have attained and the advice I have been given.  Took some time, but after mapping my face and paying attention to the angle at which I shave, my mornings have improved greatly.  So there you have it, another great shave with the EJ, love this guy.

As for shave 32, well it was a work shave.  I dont have the best shaving area at work.  For one I sleep in the same room with other guys, so that puts a damper on going from the shower straight to the sink.  Have to dry off and get dressed first, at least partly at any rate.  After that I only have cold water in the sink, needs to get fixed.  So that alone makes for some obstacles, but nothing this shaver cant handle.  I used my old Gillette slim adjustable for this shave.  Set at 4 I went a shaving like crazy, well not to crazy.  Got a decent shave, but since I didnt have much growth due to the mid day shave before I just did one pass and called it good.  Still got a good shave even as I type now.

Not much else to report, just a couple of good shaves.  Tune in next time as I will be using a different blade and a new old razor I picked up.  I was able to get it for free, it came with a mirror set up that I liked, but just didnt have room for.  So I had to sell my cool mirror, but was able to keep the razor.  Good deal I guess in the end.  The razor is another Gillette slim adjustable, not any different from my other one.  So stay tuned as I use it and a different blade manufacturer for my next shave.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.


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