Slim Number 2, DE shave 33

Well shaved with my other slim today,

This is the one I got with that mirror, the one that I didnt have room for.  At any rate, I used it today with a crystal blade.  I think I will be trying that blade with my EJ next to compare shaves.  At any rate, this slim doesnt look any different from the other, so onto the shave.

Did the shower, lather, then apply routine.  Put in the new crystal blade and off I went.  I looked at my other Gillette Slim and it was set at a 4, so that is what I set this one to.  Figured it worked on the other one, should be fine on this one.  Think I will change it next time, to a 3.  It was a bit aggressive for me, that or just a change in blade needs a different setting.  At any rate it went fine, not too much burning after.

Sorry there isnt much else to say.  I might part with this guy if I ever get me a Fatboy.  I really want to try one out since I hear such good things about them.  Who knows what holds next for the shave.  Only time will tell.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.



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