Slim is Smooth, DE shave 34

Dialed it down this time for a better shave,

I figured since I got some decent irritation with the last shave I should dial it down a peg.  I put it on 3 and set off to see how things would improve.  They werent bad last time, just not great.  Also wanted to make sure that it was the new razor and not the Crystal blades.  I didnt want to give a bad review when it wasnt warranted.  Probably have to shave with Crystals on the EJ to give a fair comparison.

At any rate the shave wasnt half bad.  Got a nice thick lather going and brushed it on.  I must say there are just some mornings that I realize how nice it is to have a scuttle, some more than others.  Always nice having warm lather rather than cold.  Besides the nice lather the new setting was just what the shave doctor ordered.  It was less aggressive and I think took a bit more of the whiskers off since it was a gentler shave.  Didnt have to worry about irritation so much so I paid more attention to angle.  Boy did it help, I will dare say that it was as good as I have been getting with the EJ lately, but will have to confer with my other razors before giving the final word.

I am a lot more satisfied with my new old find.  Didnt want to have a bad taste in my mouth for Gillette, since they have been such a big hallmark in the shaving world.  I will say I am actually becoming found of them as well, the looks thing is getting to me so much now.  actually I kind of am liking the looks more and more.  Who knows, maybe I will start liking sports next.  Well I wont push it that far for now.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.



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