Dialed to perfection, DE shave 35 & 36

Well the title says it all,

I will admit it finally, I like the Gillette’s.  I didnt at first just because I thought they were a bit ugly and the whole top opening thing didnt seem right to me at first.  After using my slim now for the past couple shaves I am sold on them now.  Even the looks have grown on me, a nice retro look didnt hurt to many.  I will hang onto the slim for the time being.

Will just put this out there, both shaves were pretty much identical.  I will say that shave 35 lasted a long time.  When I grow out my beard for a couple of days on a weekend then shave for work come Monday, things just go so smooth.  I think growth is a key part to shaving.  I know that my face has to be clean-shaven for work, but I find that a couple of days growth shaves smoother than the daily ones where I only have hours on a shave.  Needless to say come the second day of shave 35 my face just needed a touch up, not a regular shave.  I probably could have just gone without shaving, but then what would my dearest fans have to read about.  Lather was a plus today as well, not so much in the scuttle, but just and over all thickness that had great cushion for my face.  Again growth probable helped with that as well, agitated the soap as it was applied.

For shave 36, should almost count this as half a shave.  This was a touch up shave and actually as I touch my face now there is hardly any stubble to be found.  I do have a couple sores on my face that detract from the over all comfort of my shave, but they will be gone soon.  I am hoping this great shave stuff keeps going on.  Im still on the crystal blade and will be trying out another one in a couple of days when this one goes bad, so stay tuned.  Maybe I will get brave and try out a feather blade, maybe on the weekend where I can keep the viable carnage to a minimum.  The feather bladed are known as the sharpest around, so they slice you up even easier than others.  Another note on lather, this mornings lather was superb as well, but this time in the scuttle.  Seems that some days it is perfect in the scuttle, or other days the scuttle is just there as a brush warmer and it only face leathers.  Who know, but they all have been great lately.

The slim is still dialed to a 3, think it will be staying there since the shaves are so awesome at that setting.  I cant wait till another couple of aquisitions arrive.  I got a fat boy in the mail coming and a Super.  Both of which are adjustable, the fat boy is the prior generation to the slim and the super is the later generation to the slim.  Again stay tuned for those razor reviews.  On the subject of reviews, some of you might have already read about my Nivea products.  Since getting such great shaves in I have gone back and used the Replenish balm a couple of times and it doesn’t burn nearly as bad as it did when I was just starting out.  I will reiterate, if you are a beginner go straight for the Extreme Comfort and then the others when you have some good experience.  Trust me, your face will thank you.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.



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