More Nivea Stuff

Well I have found more,

Nivea that is, a couple new things arrived on the shelf of the local drug store.  I was supposed to be getting just a styptic pencil and some candy for ladybug.  What can I say, I just cant help myself.  This shaving stuff has gotten into my blood, directly and indirectly.

As for what it is I found, and subsequently purchased, was another balm and a face wash.  The thing that got me on the face was, one my face has been breaking out, and two, it had pre-shave printed on the label.  Marketing will get you every time.  Now understandably this product has been out for a while, but the nice little pre-shave label got my attention.  Here is a pick,

I must say that it did seem to help with cleaning up my face.  I hope if nothing else it will help during those transition times when my face, no matter what I do, goes on strike.  It has little beads in it that seemed to get deep into my face to scrub out all the gook and crud, definitely felt good at any rate.  Hears hoping that it will help out.

As for the after shave, im not sure how long it has been out, but I havent ever seen it before on the self or the web site.  On their site they have something called the same, Cool Kick, but not the same as what I bought that also said it was, Cool Kick Arctic blast.  Might be the same but who knows.  It defiantly has a cooling effect, which is nice.  Dont know how it would react to a bad razor burn tought.  I liked it, seemed thinner than the other balms Nivea makes.  Smells good to, here is a pick.

There you have it, yet some more products to use and put up on the shelf.  I swear I will need my own bathroom if this keeps going at this rate.  The ladybug might have to cut me off for a while so I can save some money instead of spending it all on razors and shaving equipment.

Have a cool kick of a day,

The Shaver



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