The Fatboy has Arrived, DE shave 37

Its hear,

The best of the Gillett’s, so some say.  The cream of the crop, the one every one is clamoring about.  The bees knees, the cats meow.  Who know a razor could cause so much commotion, after all its just an old razor.  To some though this razor is the pinical of shaving perfections, the Gillette Adjustable Safety Razor made from 1958-1961, or lovingly refered to as the “Fat Boy”.

Why you might ask is this called something so belittling, well it is anything but.  In this case it is a title of Honor, something to be revered in the shaving world.  It is called the Fat Boy, FB, because of the design of the handle and head of the razor.  This razor is just an overal chunk of a razor, fat handle, thick head, at least compared to its predecessors.  The larger handle makes for a nice feel in your hand and the larger head helps with curbing any bad shaving angles you might have.  It is a more forgiving razor so to say.

Hear is a pick of a what a FB looks like, I am at work so I dont have a pic with me. I will put mine up in the next post or so, mine doesn’t look nearly this good.

So what is the big difference compared to let say my slim that I have been using these past few shaves.  Well the biggest noticable difference when you hold it is the handle, a bit thicker.  When holding them side by side you also notice the heads are different in size as well.  Hear is a comparison pic hopefully to help you see what I mean.  The slim is on the left, the fat boy on the right.

As for the adjustable part, they seem to be pretty much the same, I have both the slim and the FB set at a three.  Seems to work great for both.  Again these arent the pics of my razor, but will be posting them soon.  Darn me for forgetting to bring it with me to show you.  Oh well you get the idea.

Now since we have a base line for the fat boy on the block, I will move onto the shave.  By the way I tried out one of the new razor blades that I received in my last shipment of goods.  I put a Persona blade in the FB, they are made in Israel.  They must know how to make a blade.  I just used the Crystal blades in my last post, also made in Israel.  At any rate it did a good job.

The shave was good as usual lately.  Had a days growth, which I am convinced now is a possible key to a great shave.  Grow the hairs out a bit so the razor actually has something to slice off.  The lather wasnt fantastic, but good.  Other than that things went swimmingly.  Between the fat boy and the new razor I am impressed.  They both did a stupendous job.  I cant really tell if the fat boy did much different from my slim, im sure it did, but I got the same great results non the less.  The blade just sliced and diced the whiskers, didnt have any pulling or tugging at all.  So far I have been impressed by the blades I have ordered thus far.  Havent met a blade I havent liked yet.  Im still a little stand offish for using the feathers due to their super sharp, and face dicing, reputation.

Didnt have any irritation or much blood.  That new alum block that I got is really doing the trick to stave off any irritation I might have had.  My face feels a lot better now too.  I had a couple sores again due to the weather but they are going away.  Things are just moving along, not much to report other than another great shave.  I have another razor that showed up that I will be using soon, keep that radio dialed in to the shaving station.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.



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