Customized Shaving, DE Shave 43

I think I like wet shaving the most due to the customization it provides,

Im not talking that I have a razor that is custom-made for me, but also in a way I am.  The thing about wet shaving is you arent locked into the mainstream limited choices.  With modern razors its multiblade or bust, and all the so-called shave creams are synthetic blends of chemicals.  With wet shaving you get a different feel and pampering as well.  From the numerous choices in razors, blades, soaps, brushes, mugs………. I could go on and on.  They all lead to the custom personal shave that generations before us had.  You can find what works best and not have to live with a sub par shave every day.

Today was a fatboy shave.  I still had the Personna Blade and it worked good.  Before I met the feather I found this blade to be quite nice, and it still is.  The difference is I have found my custom shave with the Feather blades over the others I have tried.  I am not discounting the persona blades in the slightest, they are a very good and sharp blade.  The shave was still good and was very nice, just dont think this is the end all be all blade for me.

Again I have been going back to the Nivea Extreme comfort balm.  My face has been quite dry lately and a little irritated and this stuff calms it right down.  All part of the customizing of my shaving experience.  I have 5 balms and 2 splash on after shaves that I can rotate thru to find the best for me.  There is also a different after shave for different occasions.  One for every day work, one for going out on a date, and one for those really dry days.  All in all I am just having fun finding my shaving niche.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.



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