Slowing down

Here is a message to all those avid readers,

I am not going to continue to post daily shaving experiences, unless they are just so awesome that I cant keep it to myself.  I am currently trying to detune myself from the internet for a while.  Plus every day shaves just aren’t that exciting to read if there is not new dramatic events.  I will continually keep you updated on a regular basis when I, have a great shave, learn something new, or try out a new shaving product.

This blog is by no means dead, but just not as fast paced as it was.  I might even give a try at guest writers and there shaving experiences and product reviews.  Who knows, this old blog could be the leading shaving enthusiast hot spot in the next 10 years, we will see.  If you have some input or would like something posted here give me a shout and I will have a look.

Best wishes and happy Shaving.

The Shaver