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Looking Back at a Year of Shaving

Hello all,

Its your favorite shaving pal, The Shaver.  Yes, yes I know, its been to long since ive last posted.  Lets just say, I didn’t lose interest, I lost spare time.  Well I’m back, and have lots to say.  I will keep it all shaving related, very proper you know.  Cant just go all willy nilly, posting what have you, whenever.  Ya know?

So let’s get with it.  First up, this is a glance over the past year of a very successful venture into classic shaving.  I started this venture with nothing but high hopes, and lots of slices on my frail skin.  Well now my face is like leather, and is mighty fine-looking if I do say so myself.  I have thus far never looked back to those modern style botch jobs they call razors.  If you have had any reservations, let go and give into the classic side of life.  You wont regret it.

Starting way back when, I was a young pup of a shaver.  I had ordered my first Straight razor and was high in anticipation to get started.  Well lets just say that anticipation can be a killer.  What I didn’t realize, like all good things, this shaving stuff to time to learn.  Learn I did, first the hard way, then the right way.  Take it from me, find a buddy, a forum, and gramps to show you how this is done.  I was fortunate enough to find some great resources, to which you will find to the right of this page.  Had a couple of call ins to some guys on the forums, and after a while started to feel my oats a bit.  After a couple months, I could get in a good straight shave, but there was one big problem I found with straight razor shaving.  Time, lots of time is needed.

The solution came quite naturally, especially for those who have been around classic shaving for any amount of time.  I ventured over to Double Edged razors.  Albeit they are not as classic as a straight edge, they are a good sharp second.  They give the same shave in my opinion, for a beginner any way, as a straight.  The big this is that while they have a learing curve as well, it is much less.  Plus you can knock of a few extra minuets that you would need in prep and shaving with a straight.  I am not saying go throw out your straight razors, but for an everyday shaver as myself, the Double Edge has been a lifesaver.

So I got down straits, then I kind of lost it a bit since finding Double Edges.  I havent used my straight in a few months.  Once in a while I will give it a try again, but there is just that darn time thing.  It is something that has to be savored, and you can’t have any distractions.  Well with a 3-year-old and a 2 month old, its hard to find the time any more it seems.  I havent given up on straits, and still sing there praises.  They are just on the back burner for now.  The straits are still proudly displayed in the bathroom in there rightful place, just not as used as before.

My gear has grown too since my last posting.  This year has brought me a Single Edge razor as well.  I have used it a few times and love is just as much as the doubles.  I will do a write-up in the future on this particular find.  If you come across one, grab it.  There great.

So kids, look forward to some more postings.  Hopefully a couple a month.  I will keep you abreast of my progress, but also would like to hear about yours.  I need material, as you can tell.  I would love to get some of your guys experiences, reviews and what not added to this site.  It is a great resource to be shared and built by all.

So on the last day of 2011,

Happy New Year from the Shaver.


Slowing down

Here is a message to all those avid readers,

I am not going to continue to post daily shaving experiences, unless they are just so awesome that I cant keep it to myself.  I am currently trying to detune myself from the internet for a while.  Plus every day shaves just aren’t that exciting to read if there is not new dramatic events.  I will continually keep you updated on a regular basis when I, have a great shave, learn something new, or try out a new shaving product.

This blog is by no means dead, but just not as fast paced as it was.  I might even give a try at guest writers and there shaving experiences and product reviews.  Who knows, this old blog could be the leading shaving enthusiast hot spot in the next 10 years, we will see.  If you have some input or would like something posted here give me a shout and I will have a look.

Best wishes and happy Shaving.

The Shaver


Slight change in Sequence

Need to apologize to all you shaver enthusiasts.  I am not that great at math apparently, can’t count from 1 to 10 without adding extra numbers.  I had two shave 8’s, not to worry it has been remedied.  My editor caught it and I put in the change to the presses and got things fixed up proper like.  Good thing I know the guy, otherwise he might charge me an arm and a leg for all the editorial work I put him through.

So for those searching for shave 9 it is now 10 and 10 is now 11, on and on and on.  you get the picture.  Speaking of errors, you will quickly notice I am no english major as well.  Product of the education system of the great state between Washington and California.  Hopefully you are good at geography, other wise we all will be lost.  So if you are one of those english perfectionist types, I am really going to get under your skin.  For one, I kind of just don’t care, and two sometimes I just don’t know what is what and who is who.  So there you have it, my confession for the year.

Happy reading, and adding,

The Shaver

Thank You all, over 100 views today.

Well today is a small blog celebration.  Imagine, virtual confetti.  Virtual snacks and drinks.  Most of all virtual party music.

Thank you all for over 100 views today.  Over 500 total since Man and His Razor’s inception.


The Shaver

Adventures thru shaving

Hello world

Well not that I ever expect much to come of this blog or any one to follow it, but I wanted to share my new shaving experience with the world.

Recently thru some tragic modern shaving events I have decided to go back to the roots of shaving, Straight Razor style.

I have currently been under the influence of straight razor shaving for 4 shaves now.  To of which have gone thru good and bad thus far.  I will share my first experiences with you now.  I will publish them individualy so as to keep things in order.

To begin I will thank my significant other, ladybug, with credit to my new addiction.  Any thing I set my mind to I pretty much become compulsive about, and thus now that has fallen on straight razor wet shaving.  All it took was a single idea that she planted in my head and off I went head first with no idea of what I was doing.  So now with a few nicks later, I will say with pride, that I am glad she planted this idea in my head.

For further referance, I am BG and my significant other is ladybug, and our little bug with be, little bug.  So now that the formalities are over, I will spell out what to expect of this blog.

This blog will, of course, cover my adventures thru shaving, God, family, possible current event hear and there, and of course any random thought that might pop into my mind.

So dont be afraid, not every post will be this long, or short how ever you look at it.  I hope you enjoy.