Puff Puff, Shave Shave

Isnt that an odd title opener,

Well to explain, I have been dabbling in yet another possible hobby.  As of late I have been taking to Cigars.  Not on a daily basis, just a once in a while smoke.  It is something that I have always seen as a gentleman’s habit, so to say.  While I do not endorse smoking as a habit, I will say that cigars are something to be enjoyed.

What does this all have to do with shaving, well from the outside not much.  But in looking deeper the more they seem interconnected.  They both take you back to a time when life was slower, more appreciated.  In a time where email and instant messaging didn’t even exist, cigars and wet shaving were life’s little luxuries.  I dare say they are forgotten luxuries of the current day.

I have had a few cigars in the past, but lately I have been trying out a few to find ones I like the most.  I wouldn’t mind having a few on had for when the guys come over.  We can all sit back and relax on the porch swaping fish stories and discussing pertinent issues of the day.  Just like with shaving, cigars in a way help me to slow down and appreciate the little things in life.

As with a fine cigar, shaving takes both time and appreciation to master.  You dont just jump in expecting to know it all, I certainly dont.  You grow into it, learn something new, and then build on it.  All of this and you are enjoying yourself in the process.

So take some time, enjoy yourself.  Grab that favorite shave in the morning, and relax at night with a cool glass of tea and a fine cigar.  Here’s to life, enjoy.

The Shaver


P.S.  I found an article that talks about another mans experience with shaving and cigars.  It’s a good read, try it out.  Have a look, The Joy of Smoking and Shaving.


Christmas Shaving Poem

All thru the house, nothing was stirring, well possibly a mouse.

All of us were snuggled up in our beds, for our heaters were on low thanks to one little bugs fun.

Our tree was treeing, our presents were all wrapped, even the dogs were content to take a nights nap.

For all of a sudden what do I hear, a stirring and calling, from a razor thats longing.

It has been only a few hours, but soon I will shower.

For my face is growing, and it is time for a mowing.

I come with a prepped face, ready to lather,

I pick up the brush and whip up the Williams wool fat, just be glad we dont have a cat.

As the razor is stropped, I cant help think how I’m so pumped,

So I start in on shaving, hopefully I come out with nothing missing.

The Prima is gliding, oh my feelings im not hiding.

For today I must shave for work, oh how I feel sort of tart.

Now I bid thee adieu, for my words are not few,

But I leave you with this,

Do your self a favor, and shave with a straight razor.


Slight change in Sequence

Need to apologize to all you shaver enthusiasts.  I am not that great at math apparently, can’t count from 1 to 10 without adding extra numbers.  I had two shave 8’s, not to worry it has been remedied.  My editor caught it and I put in the change to the presses and got things fixed up proper like.  Good thing I know the guy, otherwise he might charge me an arm and a leg for all the editorial work I put him through.

So for those searching for shave 9 it is now 10 and 10 is now 11, on and on and on.  you get the picture.  Speaking of errors, you will quickly notice I am no english major as well.  Product of the education system of the great state between Washington and California.  Hopefully you are good at geography, other wise we all will be lost.  So if you are one of those english perfectionist types, I am really going to get under your skin.  For one, I kind of just don’t care, and two sometimes I just don’t know what is what and who is who.  So there you have it, my confession for the year.

Happy reading, and adding,

The Shaver

An ode to shaving

Ok for all of you Poetic types out there fair warning, im going to butcher the structure of an ode,


Oh how you tease me,

You that are required of me,

My delight for a day of no scraping,

A day of no razing,


But hark a herald sings,

A light in the darkness,

A hope ever waiting

How I might delight in shaving,


I found a new hobby,

One that helps with my joby,

It glides past my face,

Oh how it puts others to disgrace,


To my new straight razor,

Oh how do I favor,

You are my faces delight,

One I look forward to in the morning light,


In the beginning I thought of quitting,

Now but how you have stopped of whining,

No irritation to feel,

Minor blood no big deal,


Oh my dear straight razor,

Oh how I favor,

Return to me swiftly,

How I miss you quite dearly,


Now I big you adieu,

For my brain is quite askew,

So to my straight razor,

To you I do favor.


So I am no Shakespeare, but I think I did a decent job, dont laugh too hard.  I might even enter it into the worlds greatest poem contest.  Who knows, I could maybe win a big prize.  Or maybe just keep this one confined to my little space of the web.  That way I dont let it all get to my head.  Can you tell im board with out my razor?  Nah, the withdraws aren’t getting to me.

Hope you enjoyed this wonderful piece of modern literature, coming to a text book near you.