Loss of an old friend

Its been a while since I have posted.  Much in life has changed since my last posting.  There have been many adventures, lots of memories and a loss along the way.  It is to my dismay that I…

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Playing catch up with a Great Soap

Well hello all you in shaving land,

I wanted to post that I am still here and still shaving via old school style.  The past couple years have been a crazy ride, but my razors are still with me.  I will try to give a brief over view and some encounters I have had in shaving land.  So hear we go.

In the past two years since my last post my family has grown exponentially.  When starting this blog it was a quiet house of three plus the dog.  Now it is a much busier house of six plus the pooch.  As you can see now why the posts have trickled to a halt, my hands have been busy else were with more little ones.  We are very blessed by the arrival of a baby girl back in late 2011 and twins this past January.

All the while I have made the leap from a military life to a civilian one.  This past July I officially hung up the uniform and put on jeans and a button up shirt from hear on out.  It has been exciting and challenging at the same time.  With support from friends, family and God we have been making it through like this is what we were supposed to be doing all along.

I want to give a shout out to one of my shaving buddies and his wife who I had the pleasure of getting to know via this and another site then finally meeting in Texas this past summer.  You guys are great and am privileged to have you in my and my families lives.  Thank you for your friendship.

So it has been a wild ride, on to the shaving stuff.  First off I have all but stopped using a straight razor.  As much as I love the idea, life got busy and it takes time to which I don’t have right now.  But I did not give up all together.  I am know using regularly a double edge razor.  I have quite a few know and rotate through them.  What changes with this routine is the soap I use for the most part.

I have really gotten into local and natural with my soaps.  I like to sample and have yet to find the one I will stay with forever because there are so many soap options that I find I love so many of them that I want to keep trying other new ones.  Currently I am using one that I think by far is the best soap I have used to date.  It is called, oddly enough, For The Best Shave of Your Life.  It is made by Absolutely Fabulous Soap Company, out of Cottage Grove Oregon.  I found this at my local grocery store, with a name like that I had to give it a try.


The link to this product in found here, http://www.etsy.com/listing/87721665/absolutely-fabulous-shaving-soap-for-the?ref=shop_home_active .  They sell many more soaps that could be used for shaving and body use.  This however is the only one you can find online, but in my humble opinion is the one that really ROCKS as a shaving soap.  It lathers super easy, doesn’t take a whole bunch of water to get going and has sudsy staying power like the big dogs.  Plus it is a natural and local small business made soap.  I do believe this will always have a spot reserved at my bathroom counter.

So there is a brief of what has happened and a small review on a great product.

Till next time, keep on shaving on.

Back at it, Shave 22

Well I had some time this weekend,

I put that time to good use behind a straight this morning before church.  I would like to report that it was the best thing ever, but due  to my lacking of shaving with my straights it was just an ok shave.  It was a good reminder of why I need to keep up with it.  If you dont do it, you loose.  defiantly have lost some of it.

I did the usual prep, nice hot shower, dry off minus my face, get out the scuttle and lather up.  I guess before the shower I stropped the Black Micarta a few times to sharpen it up.  After the prep came the clumsy hands.  It was like I was starting over again, almost.  I didnt cut and nick myself, but didnt get the closest shave ever.  I did get hair off though, the stubble in the sink proved that, so I didnt lose it all.  My main focus was to just do it, not looking for anything pretty.  Although I dont think any shave will leave me looking pretty.

One thing I do notice is the differences between my straights, I think I like my first straight better.  I have never been able to get a very good shave with the Micarta.  Nothing against the razor, as others have had great success, it just doesnt work well for me.  So I think I will get my other old razors sharpened up for fun and try them out.

Sorry nothing too exciting to report, still have all my blood and appendages.  Had a bit of razor burn but that was to be expected with my lack of time being put into my straight shaving as of late.  This week some night I think I will give it another shot.  Going to have to, my DE shaves have surpassed my straights in numbers, cant have that.  This is after all a straight shaving blog.

Till next time, cant wait till the next shave.


Unplanned, Shave 21

Today was and unexpected straight shave,

I think I have become so dependent on my DE that I just take it for granted. Well it wasnt around today to use since I had it in an overnight back in my truck. I was not up to getting dressed just to go out of the house to get my DE. So instead I used my Dovo Black Micarta. Been a long time since I had put it to use, so it was time.

Time is something though I did not have. I like shaving with my straights, but time is something you need when using one. Needless to say I did not try to rush it, but inevitably it got rushed. Cant say it was a great shave either, I defiantly need to practice more with my straights. It was fine for cutting angle and the blade not nicking me or burning my face, but I didnt get very close on my neck either. So I got it as close as I could without having to keep going over and over one area.

I did do all three strokes, but not all over my face. My chin was a obstical, but that is no different from any of the other times. I did with and across the grain on my chin, and with and against on the rest of my face. I for some reason just couldnt get my next down today. But it was time for me to leave, and it was close enough for government work. So off I went with a mediocre shave.

I need to work on my lathering, for some reason either with the change in weather, maybe the water, or something else. Both the DE and the straight seem like they are skipping around more on my face, like there is dry spots or something. Havent had this problem up till a week ago. Maybe a change in soap for a bit. Have been using Wool fat exclusively.

Well there ya have it, another straight post. Bought time I would say. Will probably post another one soon as I am going to put in some practice this weekend.

Till next time, cant wait till the next shave.


Hybrid Shaving

Well its been a while since my last post,

I have been traveling a lot lately and got a little backlogged in keeping up with my shaving adventures.  So bear with me as i catch up.  As for the title of this post, you can probably guess that I shaved with more than one razor.  I did a hybrid shave on this one for a couple of reasons.  First, I wanted to shave with the straight and second because I needed a smooth shave for work.  So I got both accomplished in one foul swoop.

First I did the ritualistic showering, then face prep and lathering.  Before all this I did run my straight over a strop, just so you dont think I was getting a little froggy and not stropping the old gal.  Then came shaving.  I must say that I like shaving with my straight more now that I use it for more enjoyment rather than necessity.  The DE really takes the pressure off of me to rush and learn to straight shave.  So now when I do shave with my straight, I can enjoy it more and learn a little easier than before.

Ok on to shaving my face.  First I did a pass one direction, can you guess what direction that is?  Thats right, wtg.  It had been a few days since I shaved with the straight, but I didnt notice any lacking in technique.  If anything it has improved since I am now more relaxed than before.  I am more focused on the details and take my time since I know my DE friend is eagerly awaiting to step in and pickup when the straight left off.  As for leaving off, I didnt get the left side of my face very good this time, need more practice with that hand I guess.  So onto the next step.

The second swipe was with the DE.  It was a clean up effort this time rather than a fresh start shave.  It did a marvelous job and getting the whiskers a little closer than the straight got it.  Plus it isnt quite as much work that the straight is to get nearly the same results.  Plus I like shaving with both any way.  So I got a very nice clean and close shave using both razors in unison.

As for my daily shaving, the DE is still the go to guy.  It might stay that way as well.  I like my straights but they do take a chunk of time I dont like spending every day to shave.  It also gives me the enjoyment I am looking for in shaving even without using my straight.  So the DE is defiantly leading things off for now.  I still use my straights, but with not as much regularity as before.  Not bad, just different.

Till next time, Cant wait till the next shave.


The Big Two Zero, shave 20

Well I have now hit a double ten shaving experience today,

Today was the big 20th shave.  I know it has been much-anticipated and my fans have been sitting on the edge of their seats for a few days anxiously awaiting the post online.  Well know you can sit back and relax, it’s here.  Today was a momentous occasion in more than just one way, it was also a remarkable display of shaving fortitude.

I had been taking a break from the old straits for a while for a few reasons.  They ranged from having a new DE and wanting to put it to use, to a lack luster feeling over my darling straits.  So I used the DE with some good experience, in that it is faster and I just wanted to play with my new shaving tool, or toy, however you may see it.  It was back to business today.  Mainly I finally just had some time to my self to enjoy shaving and be alone with my sharpest acquaintance.

Today was also a nice time to just sit, well stand, back and just enjoy a nice shave.  Have been having a lot of poo poo going on in my life and I just needed to get away.  So away I have gotten and to a shave I have been relaxing.  I think I was yearning for my straight for a couple of days now but just didnt have the time or wasnt in the right mind-set to do so.  Every thing just fell into place today, I had a few hours to digress a bit from the week, and had some time alone to properly prep to shave.

I just felt something different today about straight shaving.  It was more of a comfort need than an actual requirement to shave.  I wanted to shave, as weird as that may seem, I just needed that deathly piece of cold steel against my ever so delicate skin.  Hmm, might make a great start harlequin novel.  Never mind.

As for the prep, I did the ritualistic stropping and a shower to prep for my awaiting friend to do his dirty work.  I must say that I have really enjoyed my paddle strop.  It must be that it doesnt give when I whisk the razor across it.  I have been getting a much more defined edge on my razor I think, just seems to slice and dice my whiskers better.  As I am on the road I dont have the best of the best with me for facial preparation for cropping the two-day growth appearing on my face.

I have my backup equipment with me, as I have a new brush at home I have my old one with me though.  So no more boars hair for my face, designated for the ladybugs legs from here on out, thats another post for later.  I love my canister for my soap, just something about a shiny piece of metal that looks so cool.  At any rate got all lathered up, not the best I have had, but it was still nice to have a comforting feeling on the face.  Aside from ladybug touching my face, I think a nice lather is a one of those great feelings.  Ok, I keep getting side tracked, back to the shave.

The old Prima came thru today.  It was in its prime today, if it had a face it would have had a game on it.  From the first stroke to the last it just kept going and going.  I just couldnt stop how well it did today.  I guess I had a hand in it as well.  My touch was spot on, and I didnt pressure the blade into doing anything it didnt want to.  I did one pace wtg and one atg.  If I say so, I think I clean up pretty good, is that a bit narcissistic?  Oh well, I dont care if I have to look good, it just comes to me.

Aside from being self-absorbed, I think that I feel great after this shave.  I even got super close on my chin without feeling the burn after.  It was kind of weird, the blade just went where it wanted to.  I literally felt like I was just holding on to the blade and it was guiding me instead of me guiding it.  Was cool, it was a peak in my lately plateau in straight shaving.  I think there is something to be said for taking a break once in a while for any one given task.  The DE has been a nice and welcome change.  Helped me to just enjoy shaving even when I dont have a bunch of time.  Let me refocus a bit so I can come back to straights renewed in a way.

After shave was nice, no long-lasting sting.  I think you will feel a sting regardless of what you use.  The pores are open for business and like to let you know that you are trying to close them up.  As long as it is a short tingle and not a long burn, you are doing ok with shaving.  I am glad today went so well as life has been so hectic, I needed something familiar to come back to and enjoy.  Something to slow me down again.

So till next time, cant wait till the next shave.


Hurry up and shave, Shave 19

Well against my better judgement I rushed a shave today,

I learned my lesson of not shaving first thing in the morning when on the road.  We were stuck in Georgia due to it snowing like crazy back home.  We didnt know if or when we would come home today, then came the call to haul butt.  So we went post-haste back to the hotel to make way and get out of dodge.  This would not be a problem if I had taken proper means of organization and prep.  But alas, I had to again learn the hard way.

So I rushed into my room, clothes flying everywhere, hot water running and lather going every which way.  surprisingly it wasnt to harmful to my face, only got one good nick, no other bleeding.  I shocked myself, but the shave was all but shocking.  I still looked like I had a stubble, but not a beard. Didnt even have time for after shave, off to get home.

If you are wondering why I must shave is because I am in the military and have to shave when in uniform.  So there ya go.  Short and sweet, nothing great, but nothing bad either.  They guys were waiting for me, of course because a straight is slower to shave with than others.  But in the rush I forgot my wedding ring, the hotel was kind enough to send it to me at my expense of course, via fedex.  Better than answering to an angry ladybug.

Well till next time, cant wait till the next shave.