My Adventures with God

Well going to kick things off right and talk a little about me and God,

I am a Christ follower for starters.  I do not call myself a christian any more due to the miss and over use of the word.  I swear every time I find a word that fits me some other knucklehead has to go around perverting it beyond recognition.  So I am always under revision for how to explain that I believe in God, His Son and the Holy Ghost.

There is no hocus pocus talk here or any Christianese spoken in this blog.  Just honest thoughts on me and the Big Guy.  I love God and want to follow and please Him in a manner that reflects His good works and what he has done in my life.  He has given me so much and lately I have been driven to give back and am currently in pursuit of doing such.  But what my main point hear is to tell you that I am a huge fan of His work, a God groupie, a Jesus Freak, a not a holy roller.  I do not thump bibles either, hurts the hand too much.

This is not a touchy feely topic for me either.  If I get a little passionate, ok.  But I believe in a very loving but also very firm God.  He does not waver and does not change, He gives me the stability in my life that I desperately need.

So enjoy, or dont, my thoughts.  If you got something that is just darn right putrid to say as a response, please put it down.  I love to tear into people who enjoy tearing into others for no good reason.