Back to the Slant

Welcome back,

This is a retro theme tonight.  If you remember, a while back I was trying out a razor known as a Slant.  It has a special shaped head that tapers from a small gap to a larger gap to expose more blade as you shave.  To see an example do a search for Slant and a few pics should show up in prior posts.  The reason for a repost on this razor is I got a great shave from it tonight.  Previously I had lost faith in it as my face was a war zone every time I used it.

So now with a few months of experience under my belt I set off with middling hopes for tonight’s shave.  I choose to shave at night tonight so my face could have some recovery time before work in the morning just in case.  Case not needed though.  I slapped a feather blade in the slant and headed of with cautious ambitions.  I used what I have been preaching and hearing over and over again, let the weight of the razor do the work.  This being a hefty razor, it had a lot of weight to throw around.  I must say that the first swipe was a shaving epiphany.  Its like the past eight or nine months of shaving wet style culminated into tonight’s shave.  It being the day after the 4th, fireworks were still going off.  This time in the bathroom between the razor and my face.  It was a glorious celebration with man and razor.  I loved it so much, I continued with the rest of my face.  Would have been weird just leaving a patch out and then going to bed anyway.

After I did the initial wtg I dared to venture farther and do atg.  I skipped xtg just because I forgot, but no worry I didnt need it.  Agt was no blood bath either.  I mean I had a minor bleed in a couple of spots, but the styptic pencil took care of that.  I have no irritation and no gaping wounds.  My have the tides turned on my not so beloved slant.  I think it is now a keeper and it is coming off the market from hence forth.  I was trying to sell it just because I didnt like it.  I am glad I didn’t yet, this is defiantly a keeper now.  It just took a few months of bulking up on my shaving muscles and skills.  I must say this razor now has a special place in my shaving heart.

I think I am going to take another piece of advice that guys over on the forum having been telling me, “Keep it as a sunday shaver.”  This being that I should only shave with it once a week or for special occasions.  This baby soft face just cant take the ever changing blade gaps every day of the week.  I will reserve the rest of the shaves for my Super Slim, but Sundays are now a holy Slant shave.  Take my and the forum guys advice; first dont get one of these till you got a little time under your belt, second save this for a once a week or special occasion shaver.

Till next time, Cant wait till the next Slant DE shave,



Slim Super, DE shaves 38 & 39

Got another razor in use,

Well not for the first shave, but the second one I did.  Had another night at work so I used my first slim that I have packed away in my work spit kit.  Then I used my Super I received in the mail a couple of days ago for the next days shave.  I must say, I really cant tell the differences in the slim and super, they look different, but not sure past that.  Also blades make a tremendous difference, brands that is.  Can completely tell when Im using a better blade vs the ones that are just run of the mill.

As for the work shave, 38, it was just ok.  actually it wasnt all that great.  Still the hot water isnt working in my room, so that is working against me, and I was using what I thought was a good blade but have since learned differently.  For a while now I have used the Wilkinson Sword blades, till I got the new variety blades.  I noticed a huge difference in going back to them from shaving with the others this past week.  Not as good as the Crystals or the Personna’s that I have used.  The Wilkinson blades pulled and didnt slice as nice as the others.  Even with doing my normal regimental stroke routine, WTG, XTG, then ATG, things were still scratchy on my face.  So I think I will do without those blades for now.  Other than that not much to report.  I do think that I need to figure out what Balm is best for spring time, the Nivea Revitalizing with Q10 is a good winter one, but a bit heavy now that things are warming up.  My face felt a bit greasy all day after using it.  On a cold dry day it is great, but with the temps rising I think I will have to put a lighter balm in my spit kit for work.

Now for the better Super shave.  This razor is not much in different design than the slim.  The only real big differences I noticed is the adjustment know is a bit different, as in different levels for the number settings, and the handle is longer and black.  I do think it gave an excellent shave.  I am torn as to what Gillette gives the better shave, I like them all.  Today I used the Crystal blade again, forgot to change it up a bit.  Still I liked this blade in this razor.  Smooth shaving all around and no burning.  I think the added length is good as it seemed to help hold a better angle for longer times.  I had this one adjusted to a 4 and it did a very nice job, no pulling or tugging.  Hear is a pick of the razor,

So soon I will be trying out another blade, dare I say a feather blade?  Stick around and see if a blood bath ensues.  I have been enjoying the new face wash, seems to clear up my skin.  Went without balm today to see how my face would do and it did great.  It was a bit dry, but at least not oily.  I think I might try that new Arctic Freeze balm a bit more often for the spring summer months.  Seems a bit lighter than the rest.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.


That’s nice, DE shave 29

Ah a great shave morning,

This is a day delayed, but it must be told.  This is a tale of humble and sometimes tragic beginnings.  The ups and downs that lead to the best part of any journey.  A journey that once set to find, then found, the rejoice in finding the found objective, how sweet it is.  Todays shave, if you cant tell, was pretty much nothing short of fantastic shave awesomeness.  Now I have had my good and better shaves before that I have labeled as awesome, but today things just went like never before.

From the first touch of the razor to the last bit of stubble, I tell you what it was like harmony.  The soap was at its peak latherieness, the blade at its finest.  When you have two clashing tones that meld into one singular note that explodes into a symphony that rhapsodies your face in a pure melodic crescendo to its climactic fortissimal ending.  This was a darn good shave.

I would equate it to honeymoon activities, but any of us that have been on married for any length of time know that things get better with time, well this was one of those times that things just were well-practiced and the moment had come to sheer pleasure.  Well as much as it can be had with shaving your face.  Well not like it felt exactly like I do when performing such topics as before mentioned.  Im not that weird.  Just like symbolism, thats all.  You get my point.

I dont know what it was or what I could pin it down to that made this shave so great.  It was a multitude of shaving events that lead to this perfect moment in the den.  I tell you what, it was like the stars aligned, an eclipse happened and all the planets were in perfect order, all at the same time.  Enough with the creative writing all ready you say, ok I will get to the shave.

So did the shower, get the lather going and then grab the razor.  The lather just went good, I have been putting more and more soap on the brush before getting it all sudsy in the scuttle.  Seems to have worked, just a couple of drops of water and lots of soap and swirling.  This was the first indication of a great shave, the lather felt so goooooooood.  After that I took to the razoring.  I just held the perfect angle all the way across every centimeter of my face for the first WTG pass.  Then the same for XTG then finally came the biggest surprise.  Against the grain was the smoothest ever, no scrapping, no pulling, no burning.  Never have had this before.  Plus my chin was clean, I mean really clean.  So clean you could eat a mini meal on it and not have a whisker touch your food, clean.

After all that I decided to try out the other nivea products I have purchased in the past, just the regular replenish balm today.  It didnt burn, sting or make me scream in pain while applying it.  It just went on and felt great.  I hope this keeps happening, it was so great.  I am here tell you that it can and will happen for you if it hasn’t already.  The difference with me versus some is that I have to shave every day for my job, so I get daily practice.

I can only wish the same for every one else seeking what I have found today, shaving utopia bliss.  Have fun finding it, I have been.  It will only get even better from here.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.



Re-slant, DE shave 23

Well I left my EJ in the pickup again,

The slant was luckily there on stand by just waiting to try again.  I gave in, mainly because I wasnt dressed to go out to the truck.  Off I went then to start the morning routine.  Shower, dry, lather, all that good stuff.  I must say I had some high hopes this time for the slant, I had been getting some good practice with the EJ.

Lets just say that my hopes didnt turn out so high.  This darn razor is in some ways harder to figure out than my straights.  I just cant figure out the right angles and direction to use it.  Im sure one day I will get it figured out.  Until then I have my EJ and my two Dovo’s.  The later of which needs more attention.

I put to use the different grains I had been finding lately with the EJ and applying them to the slant.  Well I did get a smooth shave, but with some side effects.  I had some burning and bleeding.  Nothing to call 911 about, but still some good bleeding.  I think my face was still trying to recover from the slant shaves and just wasnt there yet to try it again.  I must say though my chin didnt turn out half bad.

So I cant wait till the Gillette shows up and I can give it a try.  I think this weekend I will put in some good straight shave just for fun.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.


Back to the EJ, DE shave 21 & 22

Ok so I went back to my other DE,

The scrapping and burning was getting to be a bit much for me to handle with it not producing any better results with the slant DE.  So I am putting it away for a while and am using my first DE razor the Edwin Jagger.  Sometimes it takes a change to realize how nice something actually was.  It’s that whole the grass is greener on the other side thing.

For both these shaves I used the EJ.  I think one thing that was reinforced while using the slant was to always keep in mind the angle of attack.  I noticed that I paid much more attention to my angles and got a nice smooth non-irritating shave with the EJ.  Even got a really close shave.  My original intention for the slant was a closer shave, I just needed to use my existing razor better rather than replace it.  Lesson learned I think.

One thing I started to really try to pay close attention too with these two shaves was the grain of my whiskers.  Shave 21 was good, but boy was shave 22 great.  I ran my fingers over my face before shaving to get down where and how to shave.  My neck has 4 different directions of growth.  From my throat it grows out both left and right, and on the out side of my neck it grows inward towards my throat.  Hard to explain, but if you map out your face you will see how things change.  As well as left and right in the middle parts of my neck it grown up and down as well.  Needless to say I hit all areas up and hardly felt any drag once it was all shaved.  So nice.

For now I will be sticking it out with the EJ.  Maybe some day in the future I will bring the slant out when I feel more confident.  But I also need to get more straight time in as well.  For a sneak peek at coming events, I ordered a vintage Gillette adjustable razor.  We will see how that goes, better than the slant I hope.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.

Slantish, DE shaves 18, 19 and 20

Well another shave grouping,

As previously mentioned, well I think I did any way, some shaves are going to be grouped.  If I didnt say that before, well I am now.  Some days I just so busy and the shaves arent all that outstanding that I cant keep up regularly.  So the grouping of shaves is born.  With out further adieu, shave 18, 19 and 20.

Another good aspect of grouping these three particular shaves is that, although I like my slant DE, it has been kicking my butt.  I thought even though I was getting some mild burning, this would pass.  Well it got a bit worse, a lot worse.  So I think I am going to start rotating my razors.  Get a straight in there, a DE, and a slant.  Move them around to keep my face guessing, also just to use my other razors.  Need the practice with them, and I enjoy using all of them.  But for now I think I am going to hold off on the bleeding out all off my ailments every morning.

What has happened in both sad and disappointing.  Sad because I am still in search of that perfect shave and havent found it yet, disappointed because I thought the slant was going to be a smash hit.  Now I realized that practice makes perfect, and maybe need a little less diversification in my shaving portfolio and come back and use what I already had.  Back to my straights I will go more often, if nothing else for the practice.  My origional intent for the DE was to suppliment what I couldnt get with a straight till I got better.  Well I got a little side tracked and dove deeper into DE razors.  Not bad, but not my origional intention.  I am glad I did get a DE so for travel and when I need a quick shave I have it, but I still want to use my straights.

Aside from all that here is the details of me and the last three shaves.  They all start out the same, shower, dry off, lather.  By the way, my lathering has been getting progressively better.  I switched back to my original badger brush, has shorter plug and a big stiffer.  As for the shaves, well this razor is aggressive, they are good but also come with there bad points.  I have bled more and burned more in the last three shaves that I ever have with a DE.  It is due to the blade being more expossed, but also I am not a pro at a DE yet either.  Even for some one who has shaved well with a regular DE doesnt mean that this beginner was ready to advance so quickly.  I think I should have looked into just a different DE for my as home razor.  But alas I did what I did, and I dont regret it.  I do however want to give the slant a break.

I do think it might have something to do with the blades i’m using, but also my technique.  To improve I am going to get a sample pack of different blades, and also work on my angles with the DE.  My pressure is fine, but I really need to work on different angles in different areas of my face.  Also mapping out my face more would help in all facets of my shaving no matter what I use.

There ya having, the slant is good, but not what I should use at this shaving adventure conjecture.  On to the next shaving razor search.  I think I will get some of those old straights I got, get them sharpened and put to good use.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.


Unplanned, Shave 21

Today was and unexpected straight shave,

I think I have become so dependent on my DE that I just take it for granted. Well it wasnt around today to use since I had it in an overnight back in my truck. I was not up to getting dressed just to go out of the house to get my DE. So instead I used my Dovo Black Micarta. Been a long time since I had put it to use, so it was time.

Time is something though I did not have. I like shaving with my straights, but time is something you need when using one. Needless to say I did not try to rush it, but inevitably it got rushed. Cant say it was a great shave either, I defiantly need to practice more with my straights. It was fine for cutting angle and the blade not nicking me or burning my face, but I didnt get very close on my neck either. So I got it as close as I could without having to keep going over and over one area.

I did do all three strokes, but not all over my face. My chin was a obstical, but that is no different from any of the other times. I did with and across the grain on my chin, and with and against on the rest of my face. I for some reason just couldnt get my next down today. But it was time for me to leave, and it was close enough for government work. So off I went with a mediocre shave.

I need to work on my lathering, for some reason either with the change in weather, maybe the water, or something else. Both the DE and the straight seem like they are skipping around more on my face, like there is dry spots or something. Havent had this problem up till a week ago. Maybe a change in soap for a bit. Have been using Wool fat exclusively.

Well there ya have it, another straight post. Bought time I would say. Will probably post another one soon as I am going to put in some practice this weekend.

Till next time, cant wait till the next shave.