Catastrophe of Brush Proportions

I have some sad news to report,

My Simpson brush has broken.  Yes I know, its hard to hold back my tearing eyes as I write to you now.  It was hard to believe it myself.  One an up note, gave me an excuse to get a new brush, yay tears of joy.  In having such a good transaction last time, I went back to Em’s place to look for a brush.  What do you know, she had another brush on sale.  It was the same badger brush, wood handle, that I got for my buddy for his birthday.  The difference is this one is a dark wood.  For what I paid, who cares what color it is, can’t beat the price for a nice brush.  Thanks again Em, you rock.  The brush is great to boot, very soft on the face, but firm and builds a good lather.

For a pictorial representational part of this posting, here is the broken Simpson;

Now for the New Brush;

I have been in contact with the Simpson brush company and they have offered to replace my brush free of charge.  I hear they were a good brush company, but that is great considering the brush is 8 months old without a receipt.  Even though my Simpson broke, I would by one again with that kind of service.  Brush on!

The Shaver,



Em’s Place Shaving Site

I don’t normal do this,

I havent ever featured a shaving site before exclusively on this blog.  I will say that this is by no means an advertisement aside from me writing about them.  I was not asked to do this by this site either, just have had a couple great experiences with this particular shaving shop.  So here goes it.

This is not about any particular product, rather the seller of some great shaving products.  I have my favorite sites that I buy from regularly that you will notice on the side bar to the right.  They are all great and offer good prices and products.  But I have come to really enjoy and slightly love this one in particular shave site.  It represents and encompass the shaving aura.  It has an old world feel in the internet age.  Kind of like walking into an upbeat antique shop in down town Seattle.  It is Shaving Chic, it is a great experience not just a shopping trip.

I know it is just a site that sells shaving gear, but even just navigating the site can be fun.  It is not the fancy modern type layout that you would find on any of your style sites.  It has a very hand-made feel to it, and not in a bad way. It looks like some one took the time upon themselves to create their store front, instead of just paying some one to do it for them.  Makes you appreciate the work that they have put into it.  Just like a good shave that you put in each day.

This is by no means a negative review.  When I first visited this site I quickly dismissed it as just a small shop that didn’t offer much, I was wrong.  This site has continually offered more good deals and quality product than I have found anywhere else.  I love the way you have to look around to find what you are wanting, I love the simplistic yet rewarding feeling of finding something that I can’t find on my other sites I visit.  Not to mention their clearance rack.

On other sites the prices are mainly all the same, not hear.  Yes they price their normal items along the same lines as the others, but they also have some good deals hidden away.  There soaps arent priced sky-high, and are of good quality.  They have good prices on brushes, razors are decent as well.  The thing that really keeps me coming back though, is the clearance section.  I recently picked up a gift for a friend of mine, and for under 60 bucks I had him all set to go with a shaving kit minus the razor, I had an old one I was giving him.  That is great, soap, travel canister, badger brush and blades all for under what I have gotten anywhere else.  Cant beat that, and that is why this site has gotten the Shavers seal of approval for shavetasticness.  Probably doesn’t amount to anything, but they got it any way.

Way to go Em’s Place, you got my business that is for sure.  To have a look around you can find them here,

Have fun,

The Shaver


That’s nice, DE shave 29

Ah a great shave morning,

This is a day delayed, but it must be told.  This is a tale of humble and sometimes tragic beginnings.  The ups and downs that lead to the best part of any journey.  A journey that once set to find, then found, the rejoice in finding the found objective, how sweet it is.  Todays shave, if you cant tell, was pretty much nothing short of fantastic shave awesomeness.  Now I have had my good and better shaves before that I have labeled as awesome, but today things just went like never before.

From the first touch of the razor to the last bit of stubble, I tell you what it was like harmony.  The soap was at its peak latherieness, the blade at its finest.  When you have two clashing tones that meld into one singular note that explodes into a symphony that rhapsodies your face in a pure melodic crescendo to its climactic fortissimal ending.  This was a darn good shave.

I would equate it to honeymoon activities, but any of us that have been on married for any length of time know that things get better with time, well this was one of those times that things just were well-practiced and the moment had come to sheer pleasure.  Well as much as it can be had with shaving your face.  Well not like it felt exactly like I do when performing such topics as before mentioned.  Im not that weird.  Just like symbolism, thats all.  You get my point.

I dont know what it was or what I could pin it down to that made this shave so great.  It was a multitude of shaving events that lead to this perfect moment in the den.  I tell you what, it was like the stars aligned, an eclipse happened and all the planets were in perfect order, all at the same time.  Enough with the creative writing all ready you say, ok I will get to the shave.

So did the shower, get the lather going and then grab the razor.  The lather just went good, I have been putting more and more soap on the brush before getting it all sudsy in the scuttle.  Seems to have worked, just a couple of drops of water and lots of soap and swirling.  This was the first indication of a great shave, the lather felt so goooooooood.  After that I took to the razoring.  I just held the perfect angle all the way across every centimeter of my face for the first WTG pass.  Then the same for XTG then finally came the biggest surprise.  Against the grain was the smoothest ever, no scrapping, no pulling, no burning.  Never have had this before.  Plus my chin was clean, I mean really clean.  So clean you could eat a mini meal on it and not have a whisker touch your food, clean.

After all that I decided to try out the other nivea products I have purchased in the past, just the regular replenish balm today.  It didnt burn, sting or make me scream in pain while applying it.  It just went on and felt great.  I hope this keeps happening, it was so great.  I am here tell you that it can and will happen for you if it hasn’t already.  The difference with me versus some is that I have to shave every day for my job, so I get daily practice.

I can only wish the same for every one else seeking what I have found today, shaving utopia bliss.  Have fun finding it, I have been.  It will only get even better from here.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.



Slantish, DE shaves 18, 19 and 20

Well another shave grouping,

As previously mentioned, well I think I did any way, some shaves are going to be grouped.  If I didnt say that before, well I am now.  Some days I just so busy and the shaves arent all that outstanding that I cant keep up regularly.  So the grouping of shaves is born.  With out further adieu, shave 18, 19 and 20.

Another good aspect of grouping these three particular shaves is that, although I like my slant DE, it has been kicking my butt.  I thought even though I was getting some mild burning, this would pass.  Well it got a bit worse, a lot worse.  So I think I am going to start rotating my razors.  Get a straight in there, a DE, and a slant.  Move them around to keep my face guessing, also just to use my other razors.  Need the practice with them, and I enjoy using all of them.  But for now I think I am going to hold off on the bleeding out all off my ailments every morning.

What has happened in both sad and disappointing.  Sad because I am still in search of that perfect shave and havent found it yet, disappointed because I thought the slant was going to be a smash hit.  Now I realized that practice makes perfect, and maybe need a little less diversification in my shaving portfolio and come back and use what I already had.  Back to my straights I will go more often, if nothing else for the practice.  My origional intent for the DE was to suppliment what I couldnt get with a straight till I got better.  Well I got a little side tracked and dove deeper into DE razors.  Not bad, but not my origional intention.  I am glad I did get a DE so for travel and when I need a quick shave I have it, but I still want to use my straights.

Aside from all that here is the details of me and the last three shaves.  They all start out the same, shower, dry off, lather.  By the way, my lathering has been getting progressively better.  I switched back to my original badger brush, has shorter plug and a big stiffer.  As for the shaves, well this razor is aggressive, they are good but also come with there bad points.  I have bled more and burned more in the last three shaves that I ever have with a DE.  It is due to the blade being more expossed, but also I am not a pro at a DE yet either.  Even for some one who has shaved well with a regular DE doesnt mean that this beginner was ready to advance so quickly.  I think I should have looked into just a different DE for my as home razor.  But alas I did what I did, and I dont regret it.  I do however want to give the slant a break.

I do think it might have something to do with the blades i’m using, but also my technique.  To improve I am going to get a sample pack of different blades, and also work on my angles with the DE.  My pressure is fine, but I really need to work on different angles in different areas of my face.  Also mapping out my face more would help in all facets of my shaving no matter what I use.

There ya having, the slant is good, but not what I should use at this shaving adventure conjecture.  On to the next shaving razor search.  I think I will get some of those old straights I got, get them sharpened and put to good use.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.


Pick-me-up, DE Shave 10

Well I think its DE shave 10 any way,

We will call it number 10 and move on with our lives, I hope I wasn’t keeping you in too much suspense lately.  I have been away, back home, and away again.  So now I am on some time off and let the old beard grow out.  Actually had almost a week’s growth by today.  Was getting nice and bushy, that and it itched like the dickens.  So this morning was time to shave off the past week of problems and stress.  So off we go to a stress cutting exercise.

Life has been so hectic I can hardly tell up from down, but at least I can still tell the difference between shaving grains.  Today was a nice shave day, just went smooth with no irritation.  I took a shower, got all nice a soaked in the facial hair area, dried of every where but the beard.  Re-soaked my face once I got my lather going just for good measure, havent ever shaved a beard this bushy yet with my DE.  I have to say I was even more impressed today than I have been before with my razor.  It just sliced through the hairs like hot butter.  Didnt even feel a single tug or pull.  Boy was it nice.

The first round was with the grain and really I could have just left it at that.  My face looked really good after that pass.  I have to say my skin is defiantly starting to look a ton better since I first started wet shaving.  I only have the occasional pimple, and it is very minimal.  My skin seems tighter and just looks better in appearance.  Needless to say today looked the same.  Did a single pass of against the grain for good measure as well.  That went well too, just a little dry, need to add more water to the lather after it sits a while.

Still havent used the new scuttle, separated from it for a few more days.  I will get back to you as soon as I have the details.  So for now its still a shave, by the way a haircut as well.  But they were two separate events.  So no two bits today.  Well that is it for now, shaver out.

Till next time, can’t wait till the next DE shave.


Hybrid Shaving

Well its been a while since my last post,

I have been traveling a lot lately and got a little backlogged in keeping up with my shaving adventures.  So bear with me as i catch up.  As for the title of this post, you can probably guess that I shaved with more than one razor.  I did a hybrid shave on this one for a couple of reasons.  First, I wanted to shave with the straight and second because I needed a smooth shave for work.  So I got both accomplished in one foul swoop.

First I did the ritualistic showering, then face prep and lathering.  Before all this I did run my straight over a strop, just so you dont think I was getting a little froggy and not stropping the old gal.  Then came shaving.  I must say that I like shaving with my straight more now that I use it for more enjoyment rather than necessity.  The DE really takes the pressure off of me to rush and learn to straight shave.  So now when I do shave with my straight, I can enjoy it more and learn a little easier than before.

Ok on to shaving my face.  First I did a pass one direction, can you guess what direction that is?  Thats right, wtg.  It had been a few days since I shaved with the straight, but I didnt notice any lacking in technique.  If anything it has improved since I am now more relaxed than before.  I am more focused on the details and take my time since I know my DE friend is eagerly awaiting to step in and pickup when the straight left off.  As for leaving off, I didnt get the left side of my face very good this time, need more practice with that hand I guess.  So onto the next step.

The second swipe was with the DE.  It was a clean up effort this time rather than a fresh start shave.  It did a marvelous job and getting the whiskers a little closer than the straight got it.  Plus it isnt quite as much work that the straight is to get nearly the same results.  Plus I like shaving with both any way.  So I got a very nice clean and close shave using both razors in unison.

As for my daily shaving, the DE is still the go to guy.  It might stay that way as well.  I like my straights but they do take a chunk of time I dont like spending every day to shave.  It also gives me the enjoyment I am looking for in shaving even without using my straight.  So the DE is defiantly leading things off for now.  I still use my straights, but with not as much regularity as before.  Not bad, just different.

Till next time, Cant wait till the next shave.


Double your fun, DE shave 4

Shaving with a DE is like the old double mint gum commercials,

Double your pleasure, double your fun.  They should have used the DE in their ads.  Today was just a regular shave for work day.  I have been more and more getting into the habit of shaving at night now.  I figure since the shaves last longer with the DE, or the straight for that matter, that I can shave at night and have one less thing to do in the morning.  So far it has worked out to my advantage.

I have been getting DE shaving down much faster than the straight, probably because it is designed to be easier to use.  At the same time I still find much enjoyment with shaving with it as well.  It is a mix of nostalgia and a comfortable shaving experience that never leaves me with out a smile.  I love this guy, it is the perfect tool for shaving.  Dont get me wrong, I love my straights, but I am still not proficient enough with them to be my daily shaver.

As for the shave, it was good.  No nick, no blood, no burn.  It just feels like it glides on your face, cant tell the blade even contacts my skin.  It is such a great feeling.  I read on the forum some one said, when shaving your concentrating on cutting down the whiskers gradually, not all in one shot.  So I have been doing that.  First pass to just knock them down, and second pass to get that oh so smooth feeling.  Seems to be working for me any way.

As for the after shave, no burn.  I think, as long as I dont jinks myself, my days of horrible shaves are behind me.  Its onto shaving utopia.  I can envision it now, smooth faces, sharp edges, every one just getting along.  Such bliss.  Probably not every ones idea of paradise, but it works for me.

Till next time, cant wait for the next DE shave.