A New New Adjustable

I took the plunge,

I bought something I thought I would not do for a long time.  I got a new adjustable DE.  I have been so happy with the old Gillette’s that I figured, who in the world would ever pay for a new one with old ones so cheap.  Well I think I know why.  While the Gillette’s  are great shavers, they just dont have the weight behind them that I like.  Not to mention there looks arent the best, more utilitarian looking than something you would display.

What to do what to do, buy a new razor of course.  I went on Em’s place, my favorite shave joint at the moment, and picked up a Merkur Progressive Long Handle.  I just couldnt wait to give it a try.  Gillette got the adjustable design down pretty good, lets see how the Germans improved upon it.  I must say they did a good job.  Not only is it an excellent shaver, but looks and feels good in the hand.  I would also have no problem displaying this as it is very nice to look at.

For the shave, it is smooth and glides like a dream.  The added benefit of this razor is its weight.  With the Gillette’s you have to apply some minor pressure because they are just so light.  With the Merkur no pressure is needed, especially since you can dial in the exact blade gap you want.  I think the merker is probably more adjustable as well, seems to be able to select more in between the numbers.

I will give it one down fall compared to Gillette’s.  It is not as easy to replace the blade.  With the Gillette’s the head swings open like part doors, with the Merkur you have to remove the head to insert the blade. This just makes it slightly more cumbersome to change the blade, with the possibility of cutting you self.  Really, it’s not big deal though.

For a visual description, here she it;

I look forward to many more mornings shaving with this razor.  The Gillette’s will just have to take a back seat in my over night bag for now.

The Shaver,



The Daily Shave

Hi all,

Well it has been a while since I last reported in.  I took a leave of absence to try to sharpen up my skills not only in the bathroom, but life as well.  I needed a break all over basically from the busyness of life.  So I did a little introverting and now I am back.  Not probably a daily posting back, but back none the less.  I think I am changing the direction a little bit of this blog.  It will still future my shaving experiences, but maybe turning into some advice and possibly feature others in there shaving experiences.

So as for the theme of this posting, daily shaving.  I have become more of a DE shaver rather than a straight edge guy.  I like straight edge shaving, but it is time consuming and takes a while to hone in your skills.  I am still putting around with it, but it defiantly is not my main focus at this point.  I dare say I even sold one of my straights last month.  I sold the Dovo Black Micarta, it was a more advanced razor for such a beginner as myself.  I love my Dovo Prima Klang and think I will stick with that for my occasional straight adventure.

Now as for my every day shaving, I am regularly using a rotation of razors.  If you have been reading my postings for some time you will remember that I have several Gillette adjustable’s and a Edwin Jagger.  I stick with one razor till I dull out a blade and then use a different one with a new blade.  It seems to be working out nicely, just as my face starts to get used to a razor, I switch it up and it never hurts.  Could also be that I just am getting better with multiple razors.  I love mixing it up to, keeps me from getting bored each morning.  I am still using only a single brand of blade, the Feather Blade.  Love this blade, and hope that they keep making them for a long time.

I havent picked up any new gear other than a mug.  I found one in a tourist shop on one of my trips that was wider and shorter than any mug I have come across.  Got it home and it fit a 3 inch puck of soap like a glove, it being short is perfect as well for lathering up.  When I get some time I will post it under the Shaving Den section.  I will keep you posted from time to time, but will not be on a regular basis as before.  I am glad to be back at it again.

Dont turn that dial,

The Shaver


That’s nice, DE shave 29

Ah a great shave morning,

This is a day delayed, but it must be told.  This is a tale of humble and sometimes tragic beginnings.  The ups and downs that lead to the best part of any journey.  A journey that once set to find, then found, the rejoice in finding the found objective, how sweet it is.  Todays shave, if you cant tell, was pretty much nothing short of fantastic shave awesomeness.  Now I have had my good and better shaves before that I have labeled as awesome, but today things just went like never before.

From the first touch of the razor to the last bit of stubble, I tell you what it was like harmony.  The soap was at its peak latherieness, the blade at its finest.  When you have two clashing tones that meld into one singular note that explodes into a symphony that rhapsodies your face in a pure melodic crescendo to its climactic fortissimal ending.  This was a darn good shave.

I would equate it to honeymoon activities, but any of us that have been on married for any length of time know that things get better with time, well this was one of those times that things just were well-practiced and the moment had come to sheer pleasure.  Well as much as it can be had with shaving your face.  Well not like it felt exactly like I do when performing such topics as before mentioned.  Im not that weird.  Just like symbolism, thats all.  You get my point.

I dont know what it was or what I could pin it down to that made this shave so great.  It was a multitude of shaving events that lead to this perfect moment in the den.  I tell you what, it was like the stars aligned, an eclipse happened and all the planets were in perfect order, all at the same time.  Enough with the creative writing all ready you say, ok I will get to the shave.

So did the shower, get the lather going and then grab the razor.  The lather just went good, I have been putting more and more soap on the brush before getting it all sudsy in the scuttle.  Seems to have worked, just a couple of drops of water and lots of soap and swirling.  This was the first indication of a great shave, the lather felt so goooooooood.  After that I took to the razoring.  I just held the perfect angle all the way across every centimeter of my face for the first WTG pass.  Then the same for XTG then finally came the biggest surprise.  Against the grain was the smoothest ever, no scrapping, no pulling, no burning.  Never have had this before.  Plus my chin was clean, I mean really clean.  So clean you could eat a mini meal on it and not have a whisker touch your food, clean.

After all that I decided to try out the other nivea products I have purchased in the past, just the regular replenish balm today.  It didnt burn, sting or make me scream in pain while applying it.  It just went on and felt great.  I hope this keeps happening, it was so great.  I am here tell you that it can and will happen for you if it hasn’t already.  The difference with me versus some is that I have to shave every day for my job, so I get daily practice.

I can only wish the same for every one else seeking what I have found today, shaving utopia bliss.  Have fun finding it, I have been.  It will only get even better from here.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.



Just in, more shave stuff

Just got some more stuff in the mail,

Nothing to exciting, but I was wanting to try out some cheap gear.  Some stuff I needed, most I didnt.  I ordered four different items, blades, brow razor, and a huge styptic pencil.  I haven’t put any of it to use, so stay tuned for further review of the new stuff.  This order came from one of my quickly becoming favorite shave stores, West Coast Shaving.  They have some of the best prices I can find and ship supper fast.  With out further delay here is a group picture of the shave gear.

Lets start like we read the English language, left to right.  Never knew you were going to get a lesson on reading did you?  That little guy over on the left is the Merkur Moustache and Brow trimmer.  Seeing how I dont have a stache, that only leaves my gangly unibrow.  It will help to keep things trimmed and separated.  Speaking of separating things, I think I will put it to use in the morning.  The head is larger on one side and tapers down on the other for fine tuning those extra hairy situations.  The head looks like a goofy triangle, here is a close up.

Here is a shot of the little guy that will be serving a big job in my shave den.

On to the next item, or shall I say items.  I have for a bit now been wanting to try out different razors.  I didnt want to try the bad with the good, so I ordered just the good.  This was called the choice pack over at West Coast Shaving.  It came with Crystal, Feather, Durby, Astra and Personna blades.  I have only used the Durby blades at this point, so I dont think I will use them up till I have tried the rest.  Here is a close up of the blades.

Finally the one needed item that started this who shopping expedition.  The big ol’ styptic pencil, well not really.  Styptic pencils are just for travel for the most part, or just for touch up areas where you are bleeding.  This guy is more of an after shave, witch is what I was using the pencil more and more for.  But with the small size of the pencil, it gets used up fairly quick like.  I had seen this before but didnt realize that it could be used for an after shave till recently.  What this is actually made out of is natural crystals, Alum.  It stops the burning, helps to heal up your face and stops the bleeding.  This guy has its own web site if you want to see it, http://www.razorock.com .  Again I got this from West Coast Shaving, and the best price there as well.  Here is a pick of the beast.

There you have it for now.  Once I get using these products I will be reviewing them as I go in my shaving post’s.  Just keep checking in from time to time.  Happy Shaving.

The Shaver


Lucky number 13, DE shave 13

Well if you cant tell this is DE shave 13,

Did I mention it is shave 13 with the DE.  Well if ya didnt know then, ya know now.  It was a shave like any other shave, but just a different day.  Actually im kind of irritated with the DE lately.  It seems I need to put some time into my shaving technique again.  It appears I have gotten sloppy in the morning routine, oh dear, say it isnt so.

I have taken to the DE quite nicely, but have been reminded that I still owe it some respect even though we have become so close.  I am still using the derby blade, so that hasnt changed.  But I got some lack luster results this morning that left me feeling a bit ragged around the edges.  I had some left over stubble on the old chin that just would not come off.  So back to basics I think, probably time to brush up on the old straight again for a bit to get my discipline back down.

So as if you couldnt tell, the shave wasnt the best.  I hopped out of the shower and dried off all but the old beard.  After that warmed up some water to put in the scuttle and lathered up.  I am going to have to play around with the lather since switching to the scuttle.  I seem to have either really dry or really wet results, no middle ground.  So that too will take some time again to relearn.  The gain is so worth the effort though.  Cant wait for it to all come back together.  Ebbs and flows, ebbs and flows.  Like the stock market, some times you win, but it sucks when ya loose.

As for the shave, well it was ok.  I think I am putting too much pressure on the head of the razor.  So I tried backing off a bit and it did a good job.  I am thinking of finding another DE to try out to see if there is much difference, or if they all are mostly the same cutting wise, aside from adjustable any way.  So I did with and against the grain just for good measure.  All went ok except for the stubborn chin area.  Good enough for work.

Time to put some time in at the old sink this weekend I think.  Going to brush up on my basics and have some cutting edge fun.  Ok I will spare you the bad jokes for another time.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.


Pick-me-up, DE Shave 10

Well I think its DE shave 10 any way,

We will call it number 10 and move on with our lives, I hope I wasn’t keeping you in too much suspense lately.  I have been away, back home, and away again.  So now I am on some time off and let the old beard grow out.  Actually had almost a week’s growth by today.  Was getting nice and bushy, that and it itched like the dickens.  So this morning was time to shave off the past week of problems and stress.  So off we go to a stress cutting exercise.

Life has been so hectic I can hardly tell up from down, but at least I can still tell the difference between shaving grains.  Today was a nice shave day, just went smooth with no irritation.  I took a shower, got all nice a soaked in the facial hair area, dried of every where but the beard.  Re-soaked my face once I got my lather going just for good measure, havent ever shaved a beard this bushy yet with my DE.  I have to say I was even more impressed today than I have been before with my razor.  It just sliced through the hairs like hot butter.  Didnt even feel a single tug or pull.  Boy was it nice.

The first round was with the grain and really I could have just left it at that.  My face looked really good after that pass.  I have to say my skin is defiantly starting to look a ton better since I first started wet shaving.  I only have the occasional pimple, and it is very minimal.  My skin seems tighter and just looks better in appearance.  Needless to say today looked the same.  Did a single pass of against the grain for good measure as well.  That went well too, just a little dry, need to add more water to the lather after it sits a while.

Still havent used the new scuttle, separated from it for a few more days.  I will get back to you as soon as I have the details.  So for now its still a shave, by the way a haircut as well.  But they were two separate events.  So no two bits today.  Well that is it for now, shaver out.

Till next time, can’t wait till the next DE shave.


Wood soap bowl

Well I went back to the local I got my rosewood box,

While there I decided that I wanted a matching wood bowl to put my soap it, rather than just putting it in a cup.  Also I knew my new scuttle was on its way and wanted to have the soap in a separate dish.  So off exploring I went.

I had seen these dishes before but didn’t think twice until I got home after the fact.  I found several but none that fit the bill.  So I kept on the hunt till I found one that I thought would work.  So I ran across this one that was nice a wide to fit a puck of Wool Fat, just not sure of the height.  Well when I got home I put it to the test.  It is a little shallow to have the lid and soap in it, so just the soap and no lid.  But it does still look nice.  So I will keep it.  Just will have to put the lid on once it gets used a bit.  Have a look.

And here it is next to the box.

Enjoy, the Shaver.