Looking Back at a Year of Shaving

Hello all,

Its your favorite shaving pal, The Shaver.  Yes, yes I know, its been to long since ive last posted.  Lets just say, I didn’t lose interest, I lost spare time.  Well I’m back, and have lots to say.  I will keep it all shaving related, very proper you know.  Cant just go all willy nilly, posting what have you, whenever.  Ya know?

So let’s get with it.  First up, this is a glance over the past year of a very successful venture into classic shaving.  I started this venture with nothing but high hopes, and lots of slices on my frail skin.  Well now my face is like leather, and is mighty fine-looking if I do say so myself.  I have thus far never looked back to those modern style botch jobs they call razors.  If you have had any reservations, let go and give into the classic side of life.  You wont regret it.

Starting way back when, I was a young pup of a shaver.  I had ordered my first Straight razor and was high in anticipation to get started.  Well lets just say that anticipation can be a killer.  What I didn’t realize, like all good things, this shaving stuff to time to learn.  Learn I did, first the hard way, then the right way.  Take it from me, find a buddy, a forum, and gramps to show you how this is done.  I was fortunate enough to find some great resources, to which you will find to the right of this page.  Had a couple of call ins to some guys on the forums, and after a while started to feel my oats a bit.  After a couple months, I could get in a good straight shave, but there was one big problem I found with straight razor shaving.  Time, lots of time is needed.

The solution came quite naturally, especially for those who have been around classic shaving for any amount of time.  I ventured over to Double Edged razors.  Albeit they are not as classic as a straight edge, they are a good sharp second.  They give the same shave in my opinion, for a beginner any way, as a straight.  The big this is that while they have a learing curve as well, it is much less.  Plus you can knock of a few extra minuets that you would need in prep and shaving with a straight.  I am not saying go throw out your straight razors, but for an everyday shaver as myself, the Double Edge has been a lifesaver.

So I got down straits, then I kind of lost it a bit since finding Double Edges.  I havent used my straight in a few months.  Once in a while I will give it a try again, but there is just that darn time thing.  It is something that has to be savored, and you can’t have any distractions.  Well with a 3-year-old and a 2 month old, its hard to find the time any more it seems.  I havent given up on straits, and still sing there praises.  They are just on the back burner for now.  The straits are still proudly displayed in the bathroom in there rightful place, just not as used as before.

My gear has grown too since my last posting.  This year has brought me a Single Edge razor as well.  I have used it a few times and love is just as much as the doubles.  I will do a write-up in the future on this particular find.  If you come across one, grab it.  There great.

So kids, look forward to some more postings.  Hopefully a couple a month.  I will keep you abreast of my progress, but also would like to hear about yours.  I need material, as you can tell.  I would love to get some of your guys experiences, reviews and what not added to this site.  It is a great resource to be shared and built by all.

So on the last day of 2011,

Happy New Year from the Shaver.



The Fatboy has Arrived, DE shave 37

Its hear,

The best of the Gillett’s, so some say.  The cream of the crop, the one every one is clamoring about.  The bees knees, the cats meow.  Who know a razor could cause so much commotion, after all its just an old razor.  To some though this razor is the pinical of shaving perfections, the Gillette Adjustable Safety Razor made from 1958-1961, or lovingly refered to as the “Fat Boy”.

Why you might ask is this called something so belittling, well it is anything but.  In this case it is a title of Honor, something to be revered in the shaving world.  It is called the Fat Boy, FB, because of the design of the handle and head of the razor.  This razor is just an overal chunk of a razor, fat handle, thick head, at least compared to its predecessors.  The larger handle makes for a nice feel in your hand and the larger head helps with curbing any bad shaving angles you might have.  It is a more forgiving razor so to say.

Hear is a pick of a what a FB looks like, I am at work so I dont have a pic with me. I will put mine up in the next post or so, mine doesn’t look nearly this good.

So what is the big difference compared to let say my slim that I have been using these past few shaves.  Well the biggest noticable difference when you hold it is the handle, a bit thicker.  When holding them side by side you also notice the heads are different in size as well.  Hear is a comparison pic hopefully to help you see what I mean.  The slim is on the left, the fat boy on the right.

As for the adjustable part, they seem to be pretty much the same, I have both the slim and the FB set at a three.  Seems to work great for both.  Again these arent the pics of my razor, but will be posting them soon.  Darn me for forgetting to bring it with me to show you.  Oh well you get the idea.

Now since we have a base line for the fat boy on the block, I will move onto the shave.  By the way I tried out one of the new razor blades that I received in my last shipment of goods.  I put a Persona blade in the FB, they are made in Israel.  They must know how to make a blade.  I just used the Crystal blades in my last post, also made in Israel.  At any rate it did a good job.

The shave was good as usual lately.  Had a days growth, which I am convinced now is a possible key to a great shave.  Grow the hairs out a bit so the razor actually has something to slice off.  The lather wasnt fantastic, but good.  Other than that things went swimmingly.  Between the fat boy and the new razor I am impressed.  They both did a stupendous job.  I cant really tell if the fat boy did much different from my slim, im sure it did, but I got the same great results non the less.  The blade just sliced and diced the whiskers, didnt have any pulling or tugging at all.  So far I have been impressed by the blades I have ordered thus far.  Havent met a blade I havent liked yet.  Im still a little stand offish for using the feathers due to their super sharp, and face dicing, reputation.

Didnt have any irritation or much blood.  That new alum block that I got is really doing the trick to stave off any irritation I might have had.  My face feels a lot better now too.  I had a couple sores again due to the weather but they are going away.  Things are just moving along, not much to report other than another great shave.  I have another razor that showed up that I will be using soon, keep that radio dialed in to the shaving station.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.


That’s nice, DE shave 29

Ah a great shave morning,

This is a day delayed, but it must be told.  This is a tale of humble and sometimes tragic beginnings.  The ups and downs that lead to the best part of any journey.  A journey that once set to find, then found, the rejoice in finding the found objective, how sweet it is.  Todays shave, if you cant tell, was pretty much nothing short of fantastic shave awesomeness.  Now I have had my good and better shaves before that I have labeled as awesome, but today things just went like never before.

From the first touch of the razor to the last bit of stubble, I tell you what it was like harmony.  The soap was at its peak latherieness, the blade at its finest.  When you have two clashing tones that meld into one singular note that explodes into a symphony that rhapsodies your face in a pure melodic crescendo to its climactic fortissimal ending.  This was a darn good shave.

I would equate it to honeymoon activities, but any of us that have been on married for any length of time know that things get better with time, well this was one of those times that things just were well-practiced and the moment had come to sheer pleasure.  Well as much as it can be had with shaving your face.  Well not like it felt exactly like I do when performing such topics as before mentioned.  Im not that weird.  Just like symbolism, thats all.  You get my point.

I dont know what it was or what I could pin it down to that made this shave so great.  It was a multitude of shaving events that lead to this perfect moment in the den.  I tell you what, it was like the stars aligned, an eclipse happened and all the planets were in perfect order, all at the same time.  Enough with the creative writing all ready you say, ok I will get to the shave.

So did the shower, get the lather going and then grab the razor.  The lather just went good, I have been putting more and more soap on the brush before getting it all sudsy in the scuttle.  Seems to have worked, just a couple of drops of water and lots of soap and swirling.  This was the first indication of a great shave, the lather felt so goooooooood.  After that I took to the razoring.  I just held the perfect angle all the way across every centimeter of my face for the first WTG pass.  Then the same for XTG then finally came the biggest surprise.  Against the grain was the smoothest ever, no scrapping, no pulling, no burning.  Never have had this before.  Plus my chin was clean, I mean really clean.  So clean you could eat a mini meal on it and not have a whisker touch your food, clean.

After all that I decided to try out the other nivea products I have purchased in the past, just the regular replenish balm today.  It didnt burn, sting or make me scream in pain while applying it.  It just went on and felt great.  I hope this keeps happening, it was so great.  I am here tell you that it can and will happen for you if it hasn’t already.  The difference with me versus some is that I have to shave every day for my job, so I get daily practice.

I can only wish the same for every one else seeking what I have found today, shaving utopia bliss.  Have fun finding it, I have been.  It will only get even better from here.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.



Back at it, Shave 22

Well I had some time this weekend,

I put that time to good use behind a straight this morning before church.  I would like to report that it was the best thing ever, but due  to my lacking of shaving with my straights it was just an ok shave.  It was a good reminder of why I need to keep up with it.  If you dont do it, you loose.  defiantly have lost some of it.

I did the usual prep, nice hot shower, dry off minus my face, get out the scuttle and lather up.  I guess before the shower I stropped the Black Micarta a few times to sharpen it up.  After the prep came the clumsy hands.  It was like I was starting over again, almost.  I didnt cut and nick myself, but didnt get the closest shave ever.  I did get hair off though, the stubble in the sink proved that, so I didnt lose it all.  My main focus was to just do it, not looking for anything pretty.  Although I dont think any shave will leave me looking pretty.

One thing I do notice is the differences between my straights, I think I like my first straight better.  I have never been able to get a very good shave with the Micarta.  Nothing against the razor, as others have had great success, it just doesnt work well for me.  So I think I will get my other old razors sharpened up for fun and try them out.

Sorry nothing too exciting to report, still have all my blood and appendages.  Had a bit of razor burn but that was to be expected with my lack of time being put into my straight shaving as of late.  This week some night I think I will give it another shot.  Going to have to, my DE shaves have surpassed my straights in numbers, cant have that.  This is after all a straight shaving blog.

Till next time, cant wait till the next shave.


Slantastic, DE shave 17

Well the more I shave with it the more I love it,

I tell you what, I always think when I have shaved with one, I have shaved with them all.  Not so sir, not so.  This slant bar just keeps on going, and going and going.  Its like the energizer bunny of DE razors.  It isnt soft and cuddly like the bunny, but it defiantly can slice up a storm.

Today was an average work day.  Just getting up and nothing notable to do today.  As I sauntered into the bathroom, took to the shower and turned on the water, I was shocked into my day by cold water.  The pilot light had gone out again, fun times.  After relighting the water heater I was running out of time, so a cold water shave it was to be.  Not my favorite type, especially with whiskers that havent been thru the rinse cycle.

There I was soaking my two day growth in ice cold water, probably didnt soak in at all.  Then came the lather, didnt matter to much with that as I have shaved with cold lather before.  Just wasnt up to the cold shave that was coming my way.  The slant was idley sitting by waiting for my steady hand.  I grasped the handle and started in.

With the day already off to such a great start I just couldnt wait to see how this was going to go.  Well it didnt go as bad as I thought, but some blood was involved.  Lets just say that my shaving aura was off a bit this morning.  I didnt quite practice all I preach this morning, little to fast, and some slight pressure.  The bottom of my neck will recover soon, as will my chin area.  That sucker will cut you up in a hurry if you dont watch it and respect it.  Didnt do any thing back, just a few friendly nicking reminders.

The styptic pencil got lots of use today, as did the Nivea balm.  Hopefully the pilot light stays on tonight, dont need a repeat performance.  Once again, light hand, let the razor do the work, good warm lather, get your whiskers soaked first thing, and all the other stuff I have said in the past.  This razor is quickly whipping me back into shape.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.


Slanted view, DE shave 16

Well put the new razor to work today,

So before I get into how awesome the shave was, I need to go into more detail on the actual design of a slant razor.  When it showed up in the mail it looked different from I had thought it would be, and different from how I initially described it.  The bar is indeed slanted, but not at an even steeper angle.  If looking at the head of the razor, cutting edge facing you, you will notice that from left to right the bar actual falls slightly as it goes to the other side of the head.  It is slanted horizontally on vertically.  Here is a pic to hopefully help with my description,

What this does is exposes more of the blade gradually across your face as you are shaving.  It slices instead of just blunt cutting the whiskers.  What results, in my case at any rate, was a nice close shave with fewer strokes.  Now this comes with added danger and excitement since more of the blade is exposed to your skin and can slice you up even more than a regular DE safety razor.  Here is a good comparison pic.  The normal DE on the left, the slant on the right.

It almost looks like some one just grabbed the head of a DE and twisted it a bit.  The results were very nice.  Like the first time I shaved with a DE, just metal dragging on my face and the whiskers just falling off.

So as the shave went, I would say excellent this morning.  Again the shaving god’s smiled upon me and blessed me with a nice all around shaving experience.  The lather was spot on, not sure what I did different, and the new razor was nice.  I did notice that it cuts a lot closer per say than the standard DE.  Had a couple raised bumps on my face from pimples, lets just say they dont exist any more.  So more blade defiantly means closer shave.  Had a little bleeding at the bottom of my neck area.  Had some slight burn, but it went away quickly with the styptic pencil and then the Nivea balm.  Love that stuff.

So I will keep you posted now that I have another razor in the arsenal.  It is nice, now I have one for home and one for work.  No need to worry about being with out one.  I know you all were so very worried about it.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.


Unplanned, Shave 21

Today was and unexpected straight shave,

I think I have become so dependent on my DE that I just take it for granted. Well it wasnt around today to use since I had it in an overnight back in my truck. I was not up to getting dressed just to go out of the house to get my DE. So instead I used my Dovo Black Micarta. Been a long time since I had put it to use, so it was time.

Time is something though I did not have. I like shaving with my straights, but time is something you need when using one. Needless to say I did not try to rush it, but inevitably it got rushed. Cant say it was a great shave either, I defiantly need to practice more with my straights. It was fine for cutting angle and the blade not nicking me or burning my face, but I didnt get very close on my neck either. So I got it as close as I could without having to keep going over and over one area.

I did do all three strokes, but not all over my face. My chin was a obstical, but that is no different from any of the other times. I did with and across the grain on my chin, and with and against on the rest of my face. I for some reason just couldnt get my next down today. But it was time for me to leave, and it was close enough for government work. So off I went with a mediocre shave.

I need to work on my lathering, for some reason either with the change in weather, maybe the water, or something else. Both the DE and the straight seem like they are skipping around more on my face, like there is dry spots or something. Havent had this problem up till a week ago. Maybe a change in soap for a bit. Have been using Wool fat exclusively.

Well there ya have it, another straight post. Bought time I would say. Will probably post another one soon as I am going to put in some practice this weekend.

Till next time, cant wait till the next shave.