Looking Back at a Year of Shaving

Hello all,

Its your favorite shaving pal, The Shaver.  Yes, yes I know, its been to long since ive last posted.  Lets just say, I didn’t lose interest, I lost spare time.  Well I’m back, and have lots to say.  I will keep it all shaving related, very proper you know.  Cant just go all willy nilly, posting what have you, whenever.  Ya know?

So let’s get with it.  First up, this is a glance over the past year of a very successful venture into classic shaving.  I started this venture with nothing but high hopes, and lots of slices on my frail skin.  Well now my face is like leather, and is mighty fine-looking if I do say so myself.  I have thus far never looked back to those modern style botch jobs they call razors.  If you have had any reservations, let go and give into the classic side of life.  You wont regret it.

Starting way back when, I was a young pup of a shaver.  I had ordered my first Straight razor and was high in anticipation to get started.  Well lets just say that anticipation can be a killer.  What I didn’t realize, like all good things, this shaving stuff to time to learn.  Learn I did, first the hard way, then the right way.  Take it from me, find a buddy, a forum, and gramps to show you how this is done.  I was fortunate enough to find some great resources, to which you will find to the right of this page.  Had a couple of call ins to some guys on the forums, and after a while started to feel my oats a bit.  After a couple months, I could get in a good straight shave, but there was one big problem I found with straight razor shaving.  Time, lots of time is needed.

The solution came quite naturally, especially for those who have been around classic shaving for any amount of time.  I ventured over to Double Edged razors.  Albeit they are not as classic as a straight edge, they are a good sharp second.  They give the same shave in my opinion, for a beginner any way, as a straight.  The big this is that while they have a learing curve as well, it is much less.  Plus you can knock of a few extra minuets that you would need in prep and shaving with a straight.  I am not saying go throw out your straight razors, but for an everyday shaver as myself, the Double Edge has been a lifesaver.

So I got down straits, then I kind of lost it a bit since finding Double Edges.  I havent used my straight in a few months.  Once in a while I will give it a try again, but there is just that darn time thing.  It is something that has to be savored, and you can’t have any distractions.  Well with a 3-year-old and a 2 month old, its hard to find the time any more it seems.  I havent given up on straits, and still sing there praises.  They are just on the back burner for now.  The straits are still proudly displayed in the bathroom in there rightful place, just not as used as before.

My gear has grown too since my last posting.  This year has brought me a Single Edge razor as well.  I have used it a few times and love is just as much as the doubles.  I will do a write-up in the future on this particular find.  If you come across one, grab it.  There great.

So kids, look forward to some more postings.  Hopefully a couple a month.  I will keep you abreast of my progress, but also would like to hear about yours.  I need material, as you can tell.  I would love to get some of your guys experiences, reviews and what not added to this site.  It is a great resource to be shared and built by all.

So on the last day of 2011,

Happy New Year from the Shaver.



Em’s Place Shaving Site

I don’t normal do this,

I havent ever featured a shaving site before exclusively on this blog.  I will say that this is by no means an advertisement aside from me writing about them.  I was not asked to do this by this site either, just have had a couple great experiences with this particular shaving shop.  So here goes it.

This is not about any particular product, rather the seller of some great shaving products.  I have my favorite sites that I buy from regularly that you will notice on the side bar to the right.  They are all great and offer good prices and products.  But I have come to really enjoy and slightly love this one in particular shave site.  It represents and encompass the shaving aura.  It has an old world feel in the internet age.  Kind of like walking into an upbeat antique shop in down town Seattle.  It is Shaving Chic, it is a great experience not just a shopping trip.

I know it is just a site that sells shaving gear, but even just navigating the site can be fun.  It is not the fancy modern type layout that you would find on any of your artofshaving.com style sites.  It has a very hand-made feel to it, and not in a bad way. It looks like some one took the time upon themselves to create their store front, instead of just paying some one to do it for them.  Makes you appreciate the work that they have put into it.  Just like a good shave that you put in each day.

This is by no means a negative review.  When I first visited this site I quickly dismissed it as just a small shop that didn’t offer much, I was wrong.  This site has continually offered more good deals and quality product than I have found anywhere else.  I love the way you have to look around to find what you are wanting, I love the simplistic yet rewarding feeling of finding something that I can’t find on my other sites I visit.  Not to mention their clearance rack.

On other sites the prices are mainly all the same, not hear.  Yes they price their normal items along the same lines as the others, but they also have some good deals hidden away.  There soaps arent priced sky-high, and are of good quality.  They have good prices on brushes, razors are decent as well.  The thing that really keeps me coming back though, is the clearance section.  I recently picked up a gift for a friend of mine, and for under 60 bucks I had him all set to go with a shaving kit minus the razor, I had an old one I was giving him.  That is great, soap, travel canister, badger brush and blades all for under what I have gotten anywhere else.  Cant beat that, and that is why this site has gotten the Shavers seal of approval for shavetasticness.  Probably doesn’t amount to anything, but they got it any way.

Way to go Em’s Place, you got my business that is for sure.  To have a look around you can find them here, http://www.emsplace.com/

Have fun,

The Shaver


The Daily Shave

Hi all,

Well it has been a while since I last reported in.  I took a leave of absence to try to sharpen up my skills not only in the bathroom, but life as well.  I needed a break all over basically from the busyness of life.  So I did a little introverting and now I am back.  Not probably a daily posting back, but back none the less.  I think I am changing the direction a little bit of this blog.  It will still future my shaving experiences, but maybe turning into some advice and possibly feature others in there shaving experiences.

So as for the theme of this posting, daily shaving.  I have become more of a DE shaver rather than a straight edge guy.  I like straight edge shaving, but it is time consuming and takes a while to hone in your skills.  I am still putting around with it, but it defiantly is not my main focus at this point.  I dare say I even sold one of my straights last month.  I sold the Dovo Black Micarta, it was a more advanced razor for such a beginner as myself.  I love my Dovo Prima Klang and think I will stick with that for my occasional straight adventure.

Now as for my every day shaving, I am regularly using a rotation of razors.  If you have been reading my postings for some time you will remember that I have several Gillette adjustable’s and a Edwin Jagger.  I stick with one razor till I dull out a blade and then use a different one with a new blade.  It seems to be working out nicely, just as my face starts to get used to a razor, I switch it up and it never hurts.  Could also be that I just am getting better with multiple razors.  I love mixing it up to, keeps me from getting bored each morning.  I am still using only a single brand of blade, the Feather Blade.  Love this blade, and hope that they keep making them for a long time.

I havent picked up any new gear other than a mug.  I found one in a tourist shop on one of my trips that was wider and shorter than any mug I have come across.  Got it home and it fit a 3 inch puck of soap like a glove, it being short is perfect as well for lathering up.  When I get some time I will post it under the Shaving Den section.  I will keep you posted from time to time, but will not be on a regular basis as before.  I am glad to be back at it again.

Dont turn that dial,

The Shaver


Change in weather, DE shave 26

I dearly dislike weather changes,

Not the ones day-to-day, but the seasonal ones.  With it comes nice spring weather that I love, but a face that I loathe.  Every change of season my face decides to go on strike, this time is no different.  With spring just around the corner, my face is already starting to bud, literally.  Between the itching and the just plain annoying pimples, I feel like a teenager again two to three times a year.  Not in a good way either.

As I am battling my face from one, a rough straghts shave and the weather, I am not looking forward to the next week or so.  Once every thing gets adjusted my skin calms down and goes back to normal, but right now its on red alert and every one else can tell.  Its not razor burn, just my face, thanks for noticing.  Aside from all of this the shaving is going great.  Im back to normal with my EJ and just put in an order for a variety of blades.  Want to see if any of the other companies are good or bad.  I like the ones I have now, and it is convenient that I can just go down to the local store and get them, but Im always game for something new.  I ordered some other goodies but will post later about them.

As for the shave today, well it was ok.  Been working hard on paying attention to the angles and it is paying off.  I was dragging like crazy this morning and still dont think Im fully away and aware.  Scary since I drove to work and flew today, btw I fly as crew and work on planes for a living.  At least I wasn’t the pilot, although they dont do much any way, jut follow the computer and no one will get hurt.  Aside from ragging on pilots, it was a good day.  Right, back to the shaving since that is what this is all about.

Did the normal ritual, and got some really nice lather going this morning.  I have been practicing my lathirability and I think I have been finding a nice mix.  It is all in how much water is in the mix, to little and its to dry, too much and you are just having a bubble bath on your face.  Today was lathertastic, which made the shave go nicely.  All in all it didnt look the greatest since I really wasnt awake at the time of the incident, but it was good for work.

One bad thing I did today was to manage to create a gusher on my neck.  I guess I pinched my skin in the razor, that is what it felt like any way, and away went the blood.  Took forever to clot and then forever to clean up.  Wasnt sure if I was going to have to stop by the Doc today to get some gauze for this sucker.  eventually it did stop, once I got to work thankfully.  But I do have another battle wound for a while.  It was so strange, oh well.  Not much else to report, happy shaving.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.


Back at it, Shave 22

Well I had some time this weekend,

I put that time to good use behind a straight this morning before church.  I would like to report that it was the best thing ever, but due  to my lacking of shaving with my straights it was just an ok shave.  It was a good reminder of why I need to keep up with it.  If you dont do it, you loose.  defiantly have lost some of it.

I did the usual prep, nice hot shower, dry off minus my face, get out the scuttle and lather up.  I guess before the shower I stropped the Black Micarta a few times to sharpen it up.  After the prep came the clumsy hands.  It was like I was starting over again, almost.  I didnt cut and nick myself, but didnt get the closest shave ever.  I did get hair off though, the stubble in the sink proved that, so I didnt lose it all.  My main focus was to just do it, not looking for anything pretty.  Although I dont think any shave will leave me looking pretty.

One thing I do notice is the differences between my straights, I think I like my first straight better.  I have never been able to get a very good shave with the Micarta.  Nothing against the razor, as others have had great success, it just doesnt work well for me.  So I think I will get my other old razors sharpened up for fun and try them out.

Sorry nothing too exciting to report, still have all my blood and appendages.  Had a bit of razor burn but that was to be expected with my lack of time being put into my straight shaving as of late.  This week some night I think I will give it another shot.  Going to have to, my DE shaves have surpassed my straights in numbers, cant have that.  This is after all a straight shaving blog.

Till next time, cant wait till the next shave.


Re-slant, DE shave 23

Well I left my EJ in the pickup again,

The slant was luckily there on stand by just waiting to try again.  I gave in, mainly because I wasnt dressed to go out to the truck.  Off I went then to start the morning routine.  Shower, dry, lather, all that good stuff.  I must say I had some high hopes this time for the slant, I had been getting some good practice with the EJ.

Lets just say that my hopes didnt turn out so high.  This darn razor is in some ways harder to figure out than my straights.  I just cant figure out the right angles and direction to use it.  Im sure one day I will get it figured out.  Until then I have my EJ and my two Dovo’s.  The later of which needs more attention.

I put to use the different grains I had been finding lately with the EJ and applying them to the slant.  Well I did get a smooth shave, but with some side effects.  I had some burning and bleeding.  Nothing to call 911 about, but still some good bleeding.  I think my face was still trying to recover from the slant shaves and just wasnt there yet to try it again.  I must say though my chin didnt turn out half bad.

So I cant wait till the Gillette shows up and I can give it a try.  I think this weekend I will put in some good straight shave just for fun.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.


Back to the EJ, DE shave 21 & 22

Ok so I went back to my other DE,

The scrapping and burning was getting to be a bit much for me to handle with it not producing any better results with the slant DE.  So I am putting it away for a while and am using my first DE razor the Edwin Jagger.  Sometimes it takes a change to realize how nice something actually was.  It’s that whole the grass is greener on the other side thing.

For both these shaves I used the EJ.  I think one thing that was reinforced while using the slant was to always keep in mind the angle of attack.  I noticed that I paid much more attention to my angles and got a nice smooth non-irritating shave with the EJ.  Even got a really close shave.  My original intention for the slant was a closer shave, I just needed to use my existing razor better rather than replace it.  Lesson learned I think.

One thing I started to really try to pay close attention too with these two shaves was the grain of my whiskers.  Shave 21 was good, but boy was shave 22 great.  I ran my fingers over my face before shaving to get down where and how to shave.  My neck has 4 different directions of growth.  From my throat it grows out both left and right, and on the out side of my neck it grows inward towards my throat.  Hard to explain, but if you map out your face you will see how things change.  As well as left and right in the middle parts of my neck it grown up and down as well.  Needless to say I hit all areas up and hardly felt any drag once it was all shaved.  So nice.

For now I will be sticking it out with the EJ.  Maybe some day in the future I will bring the slant out when I feel more confident.  But I also need to get more straight time in as well.  For a sneak peek at coming events, I ordered a vintage Gillette adjustable razor.  We will see how that goes, better than the slant I hope.

Till next time, cant wait till the next DE shave.